Friday, July 20, 2007

Would You, Could You, In The Dark?

Well, we're on day two with no power. Apparently the torrential storm (which lasted all of 15 minutes) was enough to knock out the whole block.

Jaysen was upset that he couldn't watch his video, and took his aggression out on Moppi. Poor Moppi- she always seems to get the brunt of the physical lashings. Which concerns me, as Jaysen hasn't had any major physical outbursts since starting the med- except with Moppi. I know my mom can be intense, and she really doesn't understand the internal workings of Jaysen, but it still concerns me that he is relying on aggression to express his frustration.

Last night, Jaysen wanted to watch TV. I reminded him that the electricity was out. He said "Oh, okay. Let's go basement and play computer." I explained that the computer didn't work either. He looked at the stove (no clock), looked at the microwave (no display), looked in the fridge (no light), and declared "this house is broken!" (He was so serious, that I had to stifle my laughter while suggesting we play a game.)

We played a game called "If...Then..." (awesome game for developing lateral thinking and expressive language skills, as well as social situations), had pizza for dinner, lit some candles, did our bedtime routine, and went to bed. touching me...ugh...move over...I'm sleeping in my own bed if you're insisting on the comforter...yuck, your hair's don't need long jamma pants...still hot...can't sleep...why are you so sweaty?...I'll get you some water...scootch by the wall, it's's too hot for covers...close your eyes before sweat drips in them and turns them're asleep.

Okay- so I did get to move back to my own bed before I melted into a sloppy pool of grouchiness.

Still no power today- Companion is taking the kids to McDonald's to play. Maybe they'll go to the library after. Jaysen loves the library, and Rylan loves to be read to. Why is it that all the "story times" are during the day while people are at work? All of the stinkin' programs at our library are always on a Tuesday or Thursday at 10am or something equally as crappy for working parents. Fine. I don't need your stinkin' story time. I can read to my own kids- Hooked on Phonics worked for me.

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