Monday, July 2, 2007

It's A Beautiful Day.

If Jaysen wants to go outside- instead of just asking if he can go outside, he says "Lemme see if it's a beautiful day".

The other day, he wanted to "see if it was a beautiful day", so we went outside. I sat on the steps of the patio, while he jumped and ran around. Sitting there, just watching him have all of this unbridled fun, made me think- it is a beautiful day indeed.

The weather here has been great, which gives us plenty of time to spend outdoors. Rylan likes the outdoors too, but is still too wee to enjoy the childhood pleasures of bounding around in the grass.

I thought of how just six months ago, there was no way I could have let him run around like that. How he would have just taken off down the street if given that sort of freedom to roam. I still do worry about not having a fenced in back yard, since Jaysen still doesn't understand the concept of "stay where I can see you". However, I think that sometimes his persistence to "see if it's a beautiful day" is a sign to me, that I need to take some time out, sit outside, and just enjoy my surroundings. Enjoy being with the boys. Enjoy what nature is offering. Just enjoy.

I think of it as Jaysen's way of regulating me. Almost like he's saying "take some time to watch me now, because I won't be a kid forever". I already can't believe that the time is passing so quickly- Jaysen will start first grade in the fall, we'll be planning Rylan's first birthday gawd does time truly fly by.

So, I am making a point to be more aware of the little things in life- because in some way, every day is a beautiful day.

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