Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving ala my haus

Thanksgiving according to Jaysen

Hmm... but he does like pizza...

Shhh... my secret weapon

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Making his presents known.

With the Holidays soon approaching, our house has been filled with talk of presents.
What does Jaysen want this year?...

...a baby sister.

He even has a name picked out for her. Kayla.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Jaysen, I'm sorry I mess with you so much.
I'm sorry that although people often refer to me as a "saint" (which ironically irritates the hell out of me), I have done "less than saintly" things.
But there are many times that you back me against a wall, and I don't always know how to react in the best way. Like last night.

It was one of those days, and I'd just had enough.
Parenting is challenging on its own, and you not only require parenting, but creative parenting. Creative parenting sometimes means exploring outside of the norm.
Even our norm.
I have to keep you on your toes too, y'know.

So last night, when you were mad at me and screamed "you don't live here anymore!"
And I just looked at you and said "oh... then I'd better go find my house"?
And walked out the door at 8pm?

Yeah, I was really just around the back of the house.
After a minute, I heard you come to the garage door and call for me.
I didn't respond because I needed a minute to myself.
I heard you call for me throughout the house.
I didn't respond because I wanted to see what you would do.
I suppose I was hoping for a real-life lesson about how words affect people.
But when I did come in, shortly after that-
And we crashed into each other coming around the corner?
And you had on your winter coat all zipped up and your boots on?
I knew right then that you did care.
You were coming to look for me.
In the dark and in the snow.
I knew that when you hugged me and said you were sorry over and over again,
And told me that you loved me,
That you meant it.
And that made me feel so proud of you.
And it made me feel so loved.

Do I think you will continue to say things that you don't really mean? Yes.
Would I do that again? Maybe, but probably not. You're smart, and will eventually learn to lock the door.
Do I think you learned any kind of lesson? Not really.
Did I? Absolutely.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


About a month ago, my best friend's husband was in a motorcycle accident. He apparently really screwed up his knee. He had his doctor's appointment with the orthopedic surgeon today for his checkup. The doctor, quite concerned over the amount of fluid that was still on his knee, and the amount of pain he was experiencing, immediately sent him for an ultra sound.

They found a large blood clot in an artery in his leg, and another that had travelled up to his groin. They admitted him on the spot. A CT scan revealed he also has multiple clots in his lung.

At this point they are calling him stable, but in serious condition.

I am thankful that they were able to find the clots and ultimately begin treating them, but I can't help kind of freaking out.
This is one of my best friends. I've known her since high school when the dinosaurs roamed.
These people are my family.
I don't like to see my family sick or hurting.
And it kills me that I can't make it better.

Speedy recovery Ted- my love to you both.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rockin' weekend

The Sisters of Mercy concert was a blast! I am so glad I was able to go.
Yes, I know there were no cameras or other recording devices, but this was The Sisters of Mercy! I couldn't help it!

The smoke machine was so heavy, that most of my pics turned out to be colored smoke clouds, or just blank. I did manage to capture a few where you can actually make out a person or two.

Oooh, purple!

*sigh* Andrew Eldritch.
Even in the dark he's a sexy beast.

It also didn't matter that I went to the concert by myself-
I made some friends!
Like this guy.

Who is he? OMG- I'm so glad you asked.

This is Ben. He's from London.
Oh- and did I mention that he's the lead guitarist for The Sisters of Mercy?
Yeah. I'm that cool.

I thought this was a really neat shot.

This picture is so blurry- but I wanted to represent how close I actually was able to get.

I showed Jaysen the pictures the next morning, and he thought they were awesome. As in inspiring awe kind of awesome. He loved the different colors, ans the lights. I took a really short video clip (after I got busted with the camera), and when I showed it to Jaysen, he kept saying, "yeah. Yeah! YEAH! YES!!! ROCK!!!" and then "Mommy, that was SO cool! I wanna go to a concert too!" pumping his fist in the air.
We discussed it- the lights and volume of the music, the people, the smoke machines- and agreed that I would take him to a concert when he was 10 years old. Unless They Might Be Giants (TMBG) came back before then- then I would take him to that now. He knows who they are, and they have a good stage show.
So, my weekend was awesome.
My kid thinks I'm a rockstar.
What more could I ask for?!?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meanwhile, in the Sheraton...

Sisters of Mercy! Coming in concert this Saturday, November 15th!
I am so geeked.

Not this Sisters of Mercy.

THIS Sisters of Mercy-

As plans are crapping out all over the place, it ends up that I have to go to the concert by myself. It's not what was planned, but- I am a huge Sisters fan, and do not mind going solo in the least.

I mean, c'mon- it's Andrew Eldritch.

Hello, Mr. Sexxypants. Only you can rock that pose.

It's not letting me upload a video, but you would not believe the voice on this guy. Yummy.

Anyway- if you are lacking something to do this Saturday, come out to the show!
It should be easy to find me- I'll be the one clutching Mr. Eldritch's leg.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Karma Chameleon

It seems my pigtail picture has sparked some interest...
I am sorry to report- that is not my current hair color. It was temporary, and the only thing Jaysen found acceptable for me this Hallowe'en.

However, in the past, I have had:

Red hair

I loved this color (yes, that little butterball is Jaysen).
What's that? Not edgy enough for you?
You suckers are a tough crowd.

Blue hair

At a music festival called Punkfest, in Marmora Canada.
Dear readers, I would like to finally introduce you to the infamous EX.
Dashing, I know.

How about purple?

When "going out" meant somewhere that didn't have a playplace.
I'm on the right.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip through my hair colors of yore! There were a few others, but these were what I came up with. Jaysen thought the blue was hysterical. I had to forcefully remove the picture from his grip so he would stop laughing.

And your Rebel Yell moments were?...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hallowe'en 2008

It's the po'lice.

Isn't it cute how my little doll just looks so real?!?

Did you ever get the feeling that the killer is *gasp* right behind you?

Officer Jaysen... candy inspection.

I'm Chucky, biatches!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Culture shock.

What seems like a fun and easy school project has turned into a stress filled nightmare. For me. Jaysen doesn't even know he has a project yet, because I need to present him with "a plan".

I am sending out an APB to everyone for any help on this one- because I know you all are the most brilliant and creative people out there (I mean, why else would you read my blog?), in the whole entire world- maybe even universe.

Topic: Culture.

The project: Give a short presentation on your culture. Put up to 6 items pertaining to your culture in a shoebox to discuss. Decorate the box like the flag of your represented country.

The issue: Jaysen does not give a crap about culture. Unless it's in the form of a huge Q-tip gagging him, which in that case, he's crying his eyeballs out. I have an affinity for different cultures, so it has been my practice to leech off of other cultures.

If we go strictly by Jaysen's immediate family, he would be a Pagist. Add my parents and he's a Boojoogan. Add his father and he's a Pagajewathiebud. It's just too confusing. Altogether, we have an eclectic religious/spiritual mix of Pagan, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian and Athiest. Ancestry-wise, we have a mix of Israel, Poland, Russia, Germany, and Austria- to name a few.

Can he do a multi-cultural project? Technically, that's not the assignment, so would he fail? What would you put as the flag?

This sounds ridiculous, but I don't want my kid to present something that's going to cause him more grief with acceptance- especially since he's not quite giving-a-crap about it in the first place. I admit that I haven't taught him a lot about his culture (mostly because I haven't exactly just embraced one?), but what I have tried to teach him is acceptance and an appreciation for all cultures, and to find beauty and wonder in what makes them unique.

Maybe I'm having difficulty because my culture is not typical of my spiritual beliefs, and my spiritual beliefs are not typical of my culture?

Yes- culture is different from religion. I am not looking to define our spirituality- I am trying to figure out how to introduce the idea of culture to Jaysen, when I don't particularly have just one that I identify with.

Not to mention that my creativity is just tapped lately. There is nuthin' left.

So my question to you brilliantly dazzling, gorgeous and wise people...
What are some stunningly creative ideas you may have about a cultural presentation that I may blatantly steal for my son's project? We even promise to give you some sort of "credit" in the form of a shout out worked into the presentation box if we use your idea. Tempting... I know.

No pressure, but please hurry-
it's due like next week.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


In no particular order...

~Yes, I voted today, thankyouverymuch.~

~Best "that time of the month" food is Funyuns.
Runner up would be Fritos.~

~People really need to stop dying around me. Not literally around me, but people that I know. I had 2 funerals the other week, and just received notice of another one today. This one was a real surprise though. Love to you, Alice.~

~It's been one of those months where I am almost regretting my "promotion".~

"Mom, I want mac and cheese for dinner."
(calling after a few minutes pass)
"Mooooom... I don't see my mac and cheeeeese cooking..."
Hmmm...misogynist in training?~

~Hallowe'en was a blast- I will post pics and the story later.~