Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scripting. It's not just for amateurs.

Echolalia: Immediate or delayed repeating back of words or phrases.
Scripting: Using chunks of language, usually from a movie, TV, commercial, previous conversation, etc. Can at times, result in interesting conversation and major hilarity.

Ahh... scripting.
Jaysen scripts.
He scripts with the best of 'em.

Matter of fact, his goals were sent home with his report card, and his Speech teacher had this to say about my son:

"...Jaysen has made great progress in the areas of language development, although he still tends to respond with dialogue that he has heard from movies, videos, or commercials. It sounds very creative until one realizes that the responses have been totally scripted."

Now, I may be in the minority here, but I've never tried to stop Jaysen from scripting. My theory is that he is communicating, and the scripts are usually relative, so really? Communication is communication. I mean, it's not like someone asks him when his birthday is, and he answers "pork chops and applesauce".

I have a new love for scripting.
I know Jaysen relies on scripts to communicate. But something magical happened over the weekend.

Jaysen had a playdate (Yay! I know!) with a kid in his class.
Apparently, the two of them get along extremely well, and are true friends.
They never judge each other, and don't even notice the other's quirks.
It's two friends, just having fun together.
This kid also happens to have expressive/receptive language disorder.
What blew my mind was, this was the first time I'd ever seen scripting used for social interaction.

Jaysen asked his friend if he'd "like to play Green Eggs and Ham".
WTF is my kid being so weird for? How do you play Green Eggs and Ham?
What the crap is he talking about?

The video is fuzzy (kids were too fast for my phone-cam), but it's the audio that's important here.

Well butter my ass and call me a biscuit.
You really can play Green Eggs and Ham.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmahanukwanzikka!

Happy Holidays

from my family

to yours.

I was really hoping to be able to post a gorgeous picture of my darling children in front of our tree. Then I realized I was probably temporarily insane.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Yule 2009

Wishing you the brightest blessings this Yule

Love, The Quirk Family

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


No... it's not another diagnosis. It's Jaysen's report card.
Whatever happened to letters that actually meant something, or that crazy alpha-numeric system where A+1J was followed by the canned comment "a pleasure to have in class"?

The report card itself is bittersweet.
P+ = Proficient in meeting grade level expectations with excellent quality and consistency.
P = Proficient in meeting grade level expectations. Expected grade level performance.
D = Developing toward grade level expectations.
N = Not demonstrating expected progress.
M = Modified curriculum. Student's curriculum is adjusted to meet his needs.

We got a few P's:
Compares and orders numbers.
Comprehends grade level narrative text. - ORLY? Cuz I thought he had receptive language issues, but what do I really know.
Handwriting skills. - apparently my son prefers cursive to print. Who knew?!?
Reads, makes, and interprets graphs.

A lot of D's:
Solves problems using information in graphs.
Applies appropriate problem solving strategies.
Works cooperatively and contributes to group activities.
Uses strategies to comprehend narrative and informational text.

A good number of N's:
Reads aloud with grade level accuracy and fluency.
Demonstrates stamina as a writer. - How do you measure someone's stamina???
Ideas and concepts.
Mental calculations in math. - Sorry... can't help ya there, kiddo.

And some M's:
All of Science
All of Social Studies

The Behaviors and Attitudes section was all "S's", which means he has a positive attitude and work ethic Some of the time, with one area of Concern- accepting responsibility for actions. Yep. I concur.

As a whole, I'm pretty pleased with the results- mainly because I do feel it's accurate for the most part. But you know the part that freaks me out. Yes you do. It's the M's.

Modified Curriculum.

As a parent, you need to know what that means.
And if education is as important to you, as it is to me, it kinda crushes you.
Just a little.
And by little, I mean little like Godzilla.

But honestly, I am okay with it. If my kid needs a modified curriculum, then that's what he should have. I know this. It's not the end of the world.
It's not the end of anything really, it was just a blow to see it in writing, all big and black in boldface, looming on the stark white paper. Looming I tell ya.
It may have jumped out at me and smacked me in the face, but I can't be sure because I was momentarily stunned.

It's not that I feel grief either, which was my first thought- why am I reacting like this?
I think I figured it out that in my crazy little mind... I don't want the school to give up on him.
That's not to say that I think they are, but for a moment, I had flashbacks of the crappy school that did give up on him, and maybe saw this as potentially the beginning of the end.

But I do trust this school. And I do trust his teachers. I really do think they have his best interest at heart, and they genuinely do not only like, but appreciate him. I can see how their eyes light up when they tell me about his antics, and that is huge.

So. About the M's.
I'm okay with them.
I think.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Rylan!

Happy birthday, Superfly!
I can't believe you're 3!

It seems like just yesterday, when they carted you off to the NICU. I had never been so scared in my life.

Jaysen was so excited to be a big brother!

You soon were known as the little cabbage-patch kid, all pudgy with that crazy hair.

You are amazing.
You have so much spunk and individuality, it baffles me that you're just a munchkin. You are way beyond your years.
All three of them.

Although it freaks me out at times, I also love that you have no fear.

Happy, happy birthday, Rylan.
You are so loved.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm too sexy for this blog.

Eons ago, Ms. Corrie at Just Because My Pickle Talks Doesn't Make Me An Idiot, bestowed onto me, a super sexy award.

So sexy, it's sexxxy.

And I'd like to think that I do give good blog-
Because it's the other things I don't do very well.

I'm also sorry (sort of but not really), that I don't ever follow the rules of these things.
So in honor of giving good blog,
I would like to treat you all with a sexxxy video.

Anyone who can maintain composure through this video, is sexxxy enough to grab this award and call it your very own.

Enjoy, you sexxxy things.

*Please note* I do not know these people, but totally wish I did.

Monday, December 7, 2009

How To Gross Your Mom Out In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1:
Rummage through the fridge and try to look innocent, when you expression totally says you're clearly up to something.

Step 2:
Concoct your evil plan and mix really well.
Divert Mom's attention by feigning bravery while facing not only tactile aversions, but also the barrage on your olfactory system.

Step 3: Voila! Laugh maniacally as it is confirmed you have officially reached Barf-o-Rama status.

Step 4: Try to get her to taste it.

**I don't know why it's doing that weird chipmunk fast-forward thing, but apparently I'm having some technical difficulties. Turn the volume off- you can still see the sheer joy in his face as he terrorizes me. If anyone knows how to remedy this, please let me know!**

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A guest post

Jaysen wanted me to share this with all of you.
He absolutely cannot stop watching it, and laughs hysterically every time.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Quit cheesin' and get back to your swim class.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A little mazel for the tov.

I'd been wanting to post on a bunch of stuff, but time is just so limited around here.

Jaysen had a playdate!

And he totally didn't even initiate it! This kid called me! And said he wanted to come over! To play with Jaysen! I know! Jaysen! The kid who never gets invited over to play, or to birthday parties, or really anything else. And yes- I bawled like a baby.

It was really awesome.
And now I also know where he gets the phrase "suck my butt" from.
I am absolved, once again.

Another piece of The Awesome?

I have a mentor coming over once a week.
He's from the center Jaysen goes for do-it-yourself OT.
His name is Avi.
He's the shiz.

The last mentor I tried to have, Jaysen did not like. He kept writing her notes like "Megen, go home". I felt bad because this girl was super sweet, and had the fortitude of a Jehova's Witness. I don't know if he just wasn't ready, or what, but it's working now.

And Avi's favorite color is orange. Just like Jaysen's.
I know! Lurve.
So Avi comes over once a week for an hour, and pretty much follows my kid around, doing whatever it is Jaysen wants to do. Someone to play Mario with? Heaven.
And Jaysen really seems to enjoy Avi's company.
Once they get used to each other, Avi's role will (hopefully) be more to guide Jaysen in learning how to cope with daily stresses, like homework or losing your "guy" to a pesky piranha plant.

But for now? It's all good.

And? And?? And???
Ever since Momzilla took on the transportation department, and Jaysen's been getting to school on time- there has not been one "incident" with physical aggression. Not one!

I'm tired.

A song just for you

Ever have a song stuck in your head?
Of course you have.
I'm just spreading the joy.

I'd post a video or mp3, but I'm technologically disadvantaged, so just play the song in your head. Or sing it to the tune of Happy Birthday. Or something.

It's by the Cure, 'cuz I've been in a The Cure kind of mood lately. Hint, hint if anyone has the urge to make some CD's and send 'em my way. *big cheesy smile*


He waits for her to understand
But she won't understand at all.
She waits all night for him to call
But he won't call anymore.
He waits to hear her say
But she just drops her pearl black eyes-
And prays to hear him say
"I love you"
But he tells no more lies.

He waits for her to sympathize
But she won't sympathize at all.
She waits all night to feel his kiss
But always wakes alone.
He waits to hear her say
But she just hangs her head in pain-
And prays to hear him say
"No more, I'll never leave again"

How did we get this far apart?
We used to be so close together.
How did we get this far apart?
I thought this love would last forever.