Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scripting. It's not just for amateurs.

Echolalia: Immediate or delayed repeating back of words or phrases.
Scripting: Using chunks of language, usually from a movie, TV, commercial, previous conversation, etc. Can at times, result in interesting conversation and major hilarity.

Ahh... scripting.
Jaysen scripts.
He scripts with the best of 'em.

Matter of fact, his goals were sent home with his report card, and his Speech teacher had this to say about my son:

"...Jaysen has made great progress in the areas of language development, although he still tends to respond with dialogue that he has heard from movies, videos, or commercials. It sounds very creative until one realizes that the responses have been totally scripted."

Now, I may be in the minority here, but I've never tried to stop Jaysen from scripting. My theory is that he is communicating, and the scripts are usually relative, so really? Communication is communication. I mean, it's not like someone asks him when his birthday is, and he answers "pork chops and applesauce".

I have a new love for scripting.
I know Jaysen relies on scripts to communicate. But something magical happened over the weekend.

Jaysen had a playdate (Yay! I know!) with a kid in his class.
Apparently, the two of them get along extremely well, and are true friends.
They never judge each other, and don't even notice the other's quirks.
It's two friends, just having fun together.
This kid also happens to have expressive/receptive language disorder.
What blew my mind was, this was the first time I'd ever seen scripting used for social interaction.

Jaysen asked his friend if he'd "like to play Green Eggs and Ham".
WTF is my kid being so weird for? How do you play Green Eggs and Ham?
What the crap is he talking about?

The video is fuzzy (kids were too fast for my phone-cam), but it's the audio that's important here.

Well butter my ass and call me a biscuit.
You really can play Green Eggs and Ham.


mommy~dearest said...

My love to Bruce for helping me with the chipmunk-y video! Sorry I'm such a pain in the arse. Lol.

Corrie Howe said...

Glad everyone had such a good time playing Green Eggs and Ham...even mom. My son relies on scripts and he uses them appropriately. And he uses such obscure ones, that most people don't know he's using them...including the IEP team I'm trying to convince.

Heck, even I don't know where he's getting all the of them, but I know they are scripts because the words and intonation never changes.

Bruce James said...

Awwwe...don't worry about it. Anytime!!!!

Niksmom said...

F-ing brilliant, those kids! Seriously, I'm with you on the scripting and communication. Sure, if the child has discrete language skills it's always good to encourage the use of it. But, in Nik's case, if he needs to sing me a snippet of a song (not even the words, just the tune bc he knows **I** know the words) communicate his needs to me? I call that freaking creative problem solving. It may not be universally understood (we're working on that piece) but it's effective.

Marla said...

I totally agree on the scripting. It leads to more communication. M is proof. Have a great New Year!

KWombles said...

Awesome! I agree on the scripting as well. :-) Whatever way the child can find to communicate, and besides, it makes it darn interesting, to boot!

Casdok said...

And i also agree! Just brill to see them playing so well.

babs m said...

Our Little Miss does the same--when she just can't find her own words to express her meaning, she picks someone else's. Almost always she uses them to express the appropriate meaning. I think that's one hell of an adaptive skill!