Thursday, August 23, 2012

Phuck Big Pharma

And insurance companies, while we're at it.

Jaysen got booted from the SSI program and as a result, lost his Medicaid coverage. Which puts him on my insurance. Not a huge deal, aside from the increase in amount coming out of my check every month.

Oh wait, his Abilify isn't covered under my insurance?
You have this coupon for this time...okay, what about next month?
I have to pay out of pocket?
How much does it cost? I see...between $500 and $2000 for a 30 day suppply. Are you effin' kidding me?
Well that friggin sucks.

At least that's how I wanted it to go in my head.
What really happened is I lost it and started uncontrollably crying.
Because it's not fair.
And I'm overwhelmed.
I hate that Jaysen is on meds at all, and now they want to mess around with them?
I can't afford to pay out of pocket for this.

The psychiatrist explained that we may need to "step" it. Where we have to trial different meds and as they "don't work", we move to a different one, until he gets to the Abilify level. I don't like the idea of taking him off of a med that is working, to put him on something else as a "trial", then when that fails, put him on another "trial", and so on and so forth, until we get led right back to where we are now. Screwing with my kid's chemical balance isn't okay with me.

I have 30 days to figure this out. How to get him back on Medicaid, or how to be able to afford this script.

There is something so broken with this system...

Little blessings bring big hopes

Omg. Sixth grade.

*ring ring*
Caller ID says Jaysen's school

Me: Hello?

Person: Hi Jaysen's mom. My name is blah blah...I'm...
*tuning out because this is probably about transportation reminder bs*
I'm Jaysen's teacher....

Me: Wait....whaaaaaat?  Teacher?  I'm sorry, I thought his teacher was Ms. E?

Teacher: Yes, Ms. E is his Resource Room teacher. I'm his homeroom teacher.

Me: Ohhh.....this is his general ed teacher! Calling me? For.... Wait, who are you again? I'm sorry...

Teacher: Ms. Y. I  was wondering if you and Jaysen would like to come in to meet me and see the classroom.

(Um....his gen ed teacher is calling us in for a pre-meeting? Proactive! and Sweeeet!)

Me: Yes, yes, yes...we will be there next week, awesome yay!

Teacher: Great! I know how important it is to Jaysen, and also to ease your mind. I have a son on the Spectrum too. 

Me: *gasp* Oh, so you "get" it.

Teacher: *chuckles* Yes, I "get" it.


And so it begins.
The first year my son may actually be mainstreamed for real.
I'm a mix of excited, nervous, and proud.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


*This* is a happy kid.

New release of the New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Wouldn't you know it- I finally feel motivated to update all of the summer festivities, and my phone is acting up and won't connect to my PC so I can get the pics.

In a nutshell...

Busy summer!  Dollface and the blonde army moved back up here from AZ, and are staying with us currently. It's had it's moments, of course- but it feels really good to have them back up here. I've missed my friend, and the kids. Jaysen loves having the baby around (he's 8 months), and Rylan finally has a rough-n-tumble playmate with T-rex. Ky has been an amazing help to me as well. I finally have "my girl"! Hahaha.

Jaysen has been going to the same summer program as he did last year. Very unstructured, but he prefers that freedom to the super fast paced tempo of a traditional day camp. I became disheartened when he told me all he does there is sometimes play video games and sleep on a couch, but I found out from one of the staff, that when the volunteers come, he plays chess with them! That is so awesome.

Rylan has been attending day camp for the first time. He loves it. They do SO MUCH STUFF, he comes home whooped every day. Canoeing, ropes courses, overnights, tye-dying, water parks.... it's awesome. Again, upon asking what he did that day, the typical answer I get from Ry is "I don't know. Ate pizza".  Then later on, we find out by the camp pictures, that he did all these awesome things.

This morning when I was getting ready for work, Jaysen dropped this on me though-

JaysenSo, there was a talent show yesterday at summer program.
Me:  Oh? Was it cool?
Jaysen:  Yeah. I was in it.
Me:  O_o   Um...wait.....what??
Jaysen:  I was in it.
Me:  *stopping everything short of breathing* OMG really??? What did you DO????
Jaysen:  Sing.
Me:  *trying not to fall over*  You sang??? What did you sing??
Jaysen:  Numa numa.
Me:  ........Awesome, baby! I'm so proud of you!!!

Trying to maintain my cool, I ran out and told Companion to ask him what he did yesterday.

Companion:  Hey Jaysen, what did you do yesterday at summer program?
Jaysen:  Nuthin'...
Me: *dramatic eyeroll*

Whyyyyyy do kids do that?!? That's HUGE news!!!

Our summer vacation didn't really go as planned-
There was weak internet connection up north this year, so the kids were unhappy. We ended up leaving early. It wasn't bad, just wasn't great like previous years. We'll have to re-evaluate our vacationing plans for next year.

I'm NOT prepared for the fast approaching school year. I am floored that I have a 6th grader, and that my baby is starting kindergarten. Kindergarten! I still remember Jaysen's first day of kindergarten, and now Supafly is starting? Who gave them permission to get so big so fast?!?  And to top that all off, they're already taking bets on whether or not I'm going to cry on the first day of school. History says yes. Also? My kids know me too well.

And, I believe that's about it in a nutshell.
Hope your summers have been funtastic, and a whole lot of "nuthin"!