Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little blessings bring big hopes

Omg. Sixth grade.

*ring ring*
Caller ID says Jaysen's school

Me: Hello?

Person: Hi Jaysen's mom. My name is blah blah...I'm...
*tuning out because this is probably about transportation reminder bs*
I'm Jaysen's teacher....

Me: Wait....whaaaaaat?  Teacher?  I'm sorry, I thought his teacher was Ms. E?

Teacher: Yes, Ms. E is his Resource Room teacher. I'm his homeroom teacher.

Me: Ohhh.....this is his general ed teacher! Calling me? For.... Wait, who are you again? I'm sorry...

Teacher: Ms. Y. I  was wondering if you and Jaysen would like to come in to meet me and see the classroom.

(Um....his gen ed teacher is calling us in for a pre-meeting? Proactive! and Sweeeet!)

Me: Yes, yes, yes...we will be there next week, awesome yay!

Teacher: Great! I know how important it is to Jaysen, and also to ease your mind. I have a son on the Spectrum too. 

Me: *gasp* Oh, so you "get" it.

Teacher: *chuckles* Yes, I "get" it.


And so it begins.
The first year my son may actually be mainstreamed for real.
I'm a mix of excited, nervous, and proud.


Ashley's Mom said...

This is so exciting!!!

kristi said...

Awesome..hubs is taking our little man today.

Joeymom said...

GO MS. Y!!!! I hope its a fabulous year!!!

LAA and Family said...

On a similar note, my son's special ed teacher called me and asked the same thing too! My son just started 8th grade at a high school and things are going splendidly so far! Such a difference in school than last year! Now if we could just get things right at home. I'm too busy to update my blog... life is good for us, but very very challenging. Enough about me, I'm so glad that you got that call.. I hope everything is going well!

Dani G said...

Holy shit. WIN!!

Ok, school is in session. You and me and strong coffee. Let's do this.