Thursday, September 13, 2012

High 5

I know.
I have some updating to do about school and such, but I just came across this on a blog Love That Max. (You should click that link too, because omg, this mom is way smart, and Max is just adorable. Trust me, just go for the cute factor. You'll keep going back for the content.)

But check this out!
Apparently, there's a company, Vision Service Plan (VSP) that just launched a Send A High Five campaign to donate up to 50,000 gift certificates to Special Olympic athletes for a free eye exam, new glasses, and follow up eye care. And all you have to do is click a high five. Seriously, that's it.

It's super important. And? It's super fun.  There's different high fives you can choose, and you can send a bazillion if you want.
I would know, because that's all I've done this morning at work so far.

So get on it, here's the link.
Start high fiving!

Vision Service Plan's