Sunday, June 5, 2011

Come here often?

It's been way too long since I've posted, but we've been having some slightly bizarre illness happening here.  Very high fevers and random barfing.  No other complaints, just hot n barfy. 
Jaysen's surgery went very well.  Thank you all for your well wishes!The procedure was a bit more involved than originally anticipated, but the surgeon was able to complete it without complication. 

Jaysen was really nervous- and by nervous, I mean he was scared out of his everlovin' mind...but once in the room, they did a good job of relaxing him (read: drugs), and it was over in a jiffy.


........and gone.

So freakin' cute.
Recovery on the other hand....notsomuch.
Apparently, my lil guy doesn't come out of anesthesia too well.  He was really crotchety, and in a significant amount of pain.  They gave him half a vicodin, and it wasn't long before I was pushing for them to give him the other half.  The nurse was from the school of start small and increase doseage only if absolutely necessary.  Mama has had a few surgeries in the not so distant past, and is from the school of the patient should be KTFO (knocked the fuck out) the day of and the day following surgery.  Then, painkillers should be administered as necessary.


Add in a reaction to one of the medications and some unexplained chronic was a rough few days there. 

New belly button under construction:

The kid is tough.