Friday, August 6, 2010

Still clicking my heels...

Update? Sure.....

Haven't written much for a variety of reasons- nothing much to write, not much time to write, and just plain ol' don't feel like it lately. Meh.

Anyway, the house is still not done.
Our landlord flipped out and booted us, so now we're staying for 2-3 weeks in a hotel. It's actually not that bad. They're suites, so there's a kitchenette and two bedrooms. It's small, but there's places to "escape" when necessary. Also? There's a pool. So Jaysen is happy.

Speaking of Happy-Jaysen, he is doing great with the help of the Abilify. He seems more able to process things, is more reasonable, and just seems...happier. More at-ease.

Still sucks. Seems the suckage is getting more and more. I really need to see a pain doctor to get a handle on this, because "toughing it out" is making me a mega-bitch. And this hyper-sensitivity? Oh yes, I now know (on a smaller scale) what some of our kids are going through- and it's no joke. This can be some painful stuff.

Jaysen is not participating in ESY this year, which is fine with me as it really didn't do much for him anyway. Instead, he is attending a camp through the YMCA, and has only complained a few times about going. He has basically gone the whole summer at this camp! Huge.

Still looking forward to our Charlevoix trip in a couple weeks! :)

P.S. I am totally NOT freaking out that summer is almost over and there's back-to-school stuff stalking me everywhere I go. See? Thisismetotallynotfreakingout....