Monday, November 17, 2008

Rockin' weekend

The Sisters of Mercy concert was a blast! I am so glad I was able to go.
Yes, I know there were no cameras or other recording devices, but this was The Sisters of Mercy! I couldn't help it!

The smoke machine was so heavy, that most of my pics turned out to be colored smoke clouds, or just blank. I did manage to capture a few where you can actually make out a person or two.

Oooh, purple!

*sigh* Andrew Eldritch.
Even in the dark he's a sexy beast.

It also didn't matter that I went to the concert by myself-
I made some friends!
Like this guy.

Who is he? OMG- I'm so glad you asked.

This is Ben. He's from London.
Oh- and did I mention that he's the lead guitarist for The Sisters of Mercy?
Yeah. I'm that cool.

I thought this was a really neat shot.

This picture is so blurry- but I wanted to represent how close I actually was able to get.

I showed Jaysen the pictures the next morning, and he thought they were awesome. As in inspiring awe kind of awesome. He loved the different colors, ans the lights. I took a really short video clip (after I got busted with the camera), and when I showed it to Jaysen, he kept saying, "yeah. Yeah! YEAH! YES!!! ROCK!!!" and then "Mommy, that was SO cool! I wanna go to a concert too!" pumping his fist in the air.
We discussed it- the lights and volume of the music, the people, the smoke machines- and agreed that I would take him to a concert when he was 10 years old. Unless They Might Be Giants (TMBG) came back before then- then I would take him to that now. He knows who they are, and they have a good stage show.
So, my weekend was awesome.
My kid thinks I'm a rockstar.
What more could I ask for?!?


Casdok said...

Very cool and the pics are awesome-riffic!

Ashley's Mom said...

So much fine!!! I want to go when you take Jaysen.

Marla said...

You rock! Looks like a great time! NIN plays here this weekend but I am not much of a concert goer. Your pictures look great.

Heike said...

That picture with just the little light and the outline of a person must be one of the best concert picutres i have EVER seen. You should sell that one!

mommy~dearest said...

Marla- I would DRAG you to NIN if I lived closer!

Heike- I almost didn't post that one because I thought nobody would realize it's a person! Awesome that you picked that one out!