Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Denied Again.

Went to the Social Security Administration today, to complete the process of applying for SSI for Jaysen. The bottom line? They don't think he'll qualify because...I make too much.

That's classic. I can't meet my bills every month, I can't provide the therapies my son needs, I have 2 mortgages because my stupid house won't sell...but... I make too much. I swear- It seems like you can't get any assistance from anyone unless you're unemployed and living in a cardboard box. The truth is, I don't make crap- and without my family's help, we'd be shitouttaluck. I understand that they have to count my second house as an "asset" because it has the potential to make money, but in reality, I can't even give the damn house away! I'm paying $800+ every month, for it to sit there in hopes that someone will take it for what I owe on it. I'm not even looking for a profit at this time. Asset my ass.

I know of people who collect SSI because they're alcoholics, drug addicts, and a couple who get it because of their "phobias". My son will be potentially denied (again) because of my crappy income. Nice.

Save your cardboard boxes folks, we might be coming to a street corner near you!

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