Thursday, July 26, 2007

10 Things In Common.

...thanks to Kristina at Autism Vox...

Top 10 Things Jaysen and I Have in Common:

1- We love chocolate.
2- We have a passion for words and writing.
3- We prefer to stay up late.
4- We share a love for music. ~He loves classical, my preference is slightly more eclectic.
5- We tend to let some things slide, yet are totally OCD about others.
6- We love the water.
7- Speech Therapy. ~Jaysen currently for expressive/receptive language, me for stuttering as a child.
8- We both take meds. ~Jaysen Risperdal, me whoo-hoo Lexapro!
9- We have a warped sense of humor.
10- We each have a "cafe au lait" birthmark in the same place. ~Left buttcheek if anyone is that curious.

And now for a bonus...

Top 5 Reasons My Kid Rocks More Than I Do:

1- Though I could read at age 4, he could read at 3.
2- He comforts me when I'm upset.
3- He deals with disappointment and loss better than I do at times.
4- He's social- I still tend to have a bit of social anxiety.
5- He draws better than I do.


mcewen said...

Ahh, those are such great posts. As I've already mentioned elsewhere, I'd participate myself but with four children that might be a little lengthy and it wouldn't be fair to just do it for the boys.

Daisy said...

I enjoyed the bonuses! My eldest is a much better artist than I've ever been or will ever be.