Friday, July 13, 2007

Creating Memories

We're going on vacation! Not just any ordinary vacation, but our very first family vacation (me, Jaysen, Rylan, Companion, Moppi, Peepa, and possibly Sissy), so I'm pretty excited. I'm also excited because we're going "up North" where we used to take our family vacations as kids, and even staying in the same hotel that we used to.

I don't think Jaysen's figured out what's going on quite yet. He's never been to a beach, so in my efforts to try and explain it to him, I found myself comparing it to Goo Lagoon from Spongebob. As far as Jaysen is concerned, we're going to Goo Lagoon.

Onto other things...

I never did find out what "reminds" Jaysen. Last night I tried to have a heart-to-heart with him- he seemed open to it at first until I brought up Dr.K's office.

"Jaysen, remember when you said 'it reminds me' when Moppi asked you about Dr.K?"


"What did you mean?"

(no reply)

"Jaysen, what does 'it reminds me' mean?"

(no reply)

"Sweetie, does going to Dr.K remind you of something bad?"


"Does it remind you of something sad?"

(long pause) "Okay, you don't talk to me. I talk to you."

"Okay. You can talk to me. I'm listening."

"No, you don't talk. I talking to you."


(pause) " was work, Mommy?"

And that was the end of that. Hmm...seems my Squee has been honing his skills of "changing the topic to avoid confrontation". Which is definitely a good skill to have. I think of it as a higher order thinking skill, and I am glad that he is processing that. Still got me nowhere though.

For everyone out there that is mortified at my not pressuring Jaysen to answer me...relax. Every time we have been to Dr.K, I have been with him. Nothing fishy, disgusting, or morbid has ever happened. He just doesn't connect with her for some reason. Personally, I think it's because she has a thick accent, doesn't talk directly to him most of the time, and isn't overly friendly- but that doesn't make her a bad doc. Jaysen responds the best to over the top, highly animated, gushy-gushy, lavish-me-with-attention people. I am looking into another doc, but it's not the most pressing thing on my list right now. She listens to me and explains things that I don't understand, and she has done an excellent job with Jaysen's med management. I like her, but eventually I would like to find someone that we both like.

Wow- really got off on a tangent there. Anyway, I still don't know what "reminds" him, but we're going on vacation, so hopefully he'll have all kinds of new and awesome "reminds" to come.

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