Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This Butt's for YOU!

My lil' boy is in trouble. For real trouble, with the school.

It was a classmate's birthday yesterday, and the class was writing birthday wishes for her. Jaysen's paper said:

We have buts for you, and poop for you, and a moon.

Apparently, the teacher was deeply offended. Offended to the point that she took it to the principal. The principal shared her concern, and brought it to the Sp.ed teacher. The principal expressed her disapproval by saying, "The one we discussed yesterday? Well, look what he wrote!" and rambled on about how his malicious act is disturbing, offensive, and bullying.

Sp.ed teacher took a deep breath, and said she would deal with it. She talked to me this morning. She asked me what I thought. What did I think? Hmmm...what did I think? I think I had to think of something fast, because I could tell she was awaiting an answer, and "his writing is really good" was not the correct one.

"Well...Jaysen thinks butts, poop, and farts are funny. He jokes about it all the time at home. I can even hear how he's saying it...we have butts for yooooou, and poop for yooooou!"

"THAT'S what I thought!" Was the sp.ed teacher's reply.


So we discussed that Jaysen wasn't trying to be malicious or hurtful in any way. He was trying to be funny. He even meant "moon" as an actual moon, and not a "showing of the butt", because he drew her a moon at the top of the page.

Yes. I am a mom who shares "butt jokes" with her son. Why? Because he responds to humor.

~Jaysen, you'd better not eat another cookie, or your butt will get big. I ate 3 cookies, and look at mine.
~I see London, I see France...Jaysen's got no underpants!
~Jaysen, if you don't brush your teeth...your butt will fall off.

Jaysen tries his best to joke back:
~Mommy...look what I got for you... (shows me his butt).
~Hey Mommy...Butts!
~Hey Mommy...come here...I have a present for's a... fart!

He knows I'm joking, and we share a laugh. It can be the deciding factor of if he will go into pre-meltdown, because it's a major distractor. Yes, I joke about butts with my kid. You could blame it on genes, except I'm adopted. He recently learned the ol' pull my finger routine from my Dad. Except, Jaysen hasn't quite figured out that this trick is best done while you have to fart.

His version?

"Pull my finger!" (nothing) "Oh...I'm outta gas."

Bwahahahahaaaaa! I thought that was hysterical. I'm outta gas. Ha! What was I...oh
*Ahem* the school was less than pleased with this aggressive action displayed by my son. The Sp.ed teacher said she would get to the bottom of this, because now he's being viewed as a troublemaker, as well as just mean. She also said that if this treatment keeps up, she'll pull him into her room for the whole day, and teach him herself. I don't think that's the answer either. He needs to be with his peers. He wants to be with his peers. This is getting so crazy, and it's just not fair.

So, keep your fingers crossed...
Oh yeah, enjoy this butt.


Anonymous said...

I'm not being insensitive...I just found this hilarious. Jaysen's teacher (reg ed) needs to lighten up. Poop and butts are funny for young boys. Ha, Ha. Seems as if his teacher is being overly sensitive and passive-aggressive. Really, though, I found this hilarious...And this is from a mom of a quirky little boy, who's relatively happy, and has heard and experienced a lot...Hang in there. It'll pass. Just hope you someone else in the class to have a bad day

mommy~dearest said...

I know! They just need to lighten up.

My concern is that they think he was being malicious. They're talking about punishing him. He's not a malicious kid, and he really meant it to be funny.

I'm going to try to talk to him tonight, but I never know if I'm going to be able to explain my concern in a way that he'll get the concept, and not just think I'm joking because I said the word "butt". He has his "more receptive" days.

Keep your cheeks crossed! :)

Ashley's Mom said...

My quirky kid is constantly getting in trouble for cursing in sign language in school. Her favorite is calling of her past *favorite* teachers a 'crazy bitch'.

Teachers are just too uptight. I'm just thrilled my daughter is communicating. When she was 2 years old, those silly teachers said she never would learn to communicate.

MOM-NOS said...

"We have buts for you..."

Well, of COURSE they're concerned! This kind of butt has TWO t's. You lose the whole meaning without the second t. But I have to agree that involving the principal for a minor spelling error is a bit of overkill.

The bad habit I foster in Bud is burping. There's nothing like a big, loud belch to turn a battle into a shared laugh.

Hang in there. And bottoms up!

Sabrina said...

I have to agree that regular teacher was a bit uptight about the whole deal. I hope sp ed teacher gets everything worked out.

Casdok said...

Wonder where he gets it from?!

mommy~dearest said...

Me?!? Never. Haha...

MOM-NOS- I know! I was absolutely appalled that my son would misspell "butt"! :) Actually (true story) I used to correct him when he would spell "damn" as "dam". I corrected his older brothers at age 10 when they would try to spell "asshol" too. I figured, they already know the word, may as well turn it into a spelling lesson.

Ashley's mom- I love it. I have tried in the past to teach Jaysen sign language solely for those purposes- rude coments in restaurants, cursing, etc... however, it never really panned out due to his language issues. Oh well, there's always his brother!

I don't know why the "officials" have so much difficulty seeing some "unconventional behavior" as a positive thing. Yes, she's cursing, but like you said, she's COMMUNICATING! Fantastic! And that's how I looked at this episode. Jaysen has difficulty with echolalia still, and for him to come up with his own idea (in beautiful writing I might add) was awesome in my opinion.

Oh well.
School officials: 1
Crazy mom: 0

KC's Blog said...

Jaysen has an excellent sense of humor! I love that he tells jokes and that you guys can share in some good laughs - "Jaysen, if you don't brush your teeth...your butt will fall off." My NT son just read this and is laughing "his butt off!" Jaysen is a cool kiddo!

A Bishops wife said...

"sCHOOL oFFICALS"--sounds so scarry! It has been my deternibation, that they know a great deal about nothing. They always seem to be looking for what they term as "Strange behavior"

There is a new cartoon "Chowder"...he keeps a pet fart next to his bed and there is a real cute "Fart song" video--I will have to get you the link--on cartoon network. My poor junior must be a severe case as he has listened to it repeatedly----over and over...--since it came out. He almost gets a "partiotic ferver" going as he begins marching around the living room with the "FART SONG" blairing from the computer.

When I was growing up, my mom was a trouble maker! She loved to let a stinky in the isle of the grocery store, leave and let someone else be suspect. She was a trouble maker!

Farts and stuff are just funny. Yes they are "childish" but they are still funny. My boys love burps,farts and hiccups, they think those are the funniest things God ever made.

"School Officals" need to lighten up---they are too stuffy and a good fart or two may help them feel better.

Dave said...

Wow. Thanks for the laugh! Your boys teacher needs to lighten up a bit, bums and the things that come out of them ARE funny no matter what age you are.

It certainly doesn't seem worthy of involving the principal, when a simple conversation with you kid was in order. I continue to be amazed at how people who work with kids can sometimes be at such a loss when it comes to childrens behaviors.

I love the picture of your son in your shoes BTW.


mollyalexis said...

That was hilarious! I'd love to put it on a card for my brother, lol! It's nice he has a cense of humor. Couldn't they at least praise him for that, lol.