Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving- thankful it's over!

Thanksgiving...a time to reflect on the blessings in your life...
...or to bully little old ladies.

We went to Companion's parents house for Thanksgiving- Jaysen decided to pick on Mary, Companion's step-grandma. Mary was apparently sitting in Jaysen's "spot" on the couch. When Jaysen asked her to move, and she didn't (hey, she's 93 years old- did she really hear him?), He declared war on her.

"I don't like you... very much"
"You not coming with us, old lady!"
"Get out of here! Go to your room gramma!"

Those were only a few of the choice statements to spew forth from my child's mouth.
But the best...
the absolute best...
the highlight of the whole craptastic episode....
was when the meal was finished.
Jaysen and I were outside, playing in the snow, waiting for everyone to posse up. Companion's mom started down the stairs, and Jaysen says, "Where's Mary?" Mom replied "Oh, she's coming." Jaysen kept waiting and looking for her.

Once Mary came into view, Jaysen took a step forward and called, "Maaaaary..."
...then pegged her in the belly with a snowball!

I was mortified.
I was not only mortified, but I was trying to stifle my laughter as well (remember when I said I find non-funny things hysterical? Well, this is one of them). I don't know what the heck had gotten into him. It was such "typical" behavior, if it were two kids! I couldn't yell at Jaysen, because I knew that he would know I was trying not to crack up, so I just said,"ohmigod, I can't believe you did that- getinthecarnow."

He's lucky I didn't stuff him...Turkey.


Jodi said...

What are they thinking when they do stuff like this? so funny, so not funny!

lastcrazyhorn said...

*giggles herself into hysterical laughter*

Casdok said...


ManagerMom said...

That is freaking hysterical!!!! (Glad it was you and not me.)