Monday, November 26, 2007

Self talk.

Jaysen goes through phases. Right now, he's in "video game" phase. I should limit the amount of time he spends playing these games, but I know that in a matter of a few weeks, he'll be onto something else, and frankly, it gives me a bit of time to get things done around the house! :)

Now- in his defense, I do remember being involved in video games, and it was a big deal to get to that next level, to get the high score, and all that crap. He has really gotten good at some of them, and it is neat to see that he can play them now by himself, without too much frustration.

However, it was time for bed. And Jaysen was on a roll. He pleaded with me "last one, then go to bed ". I hesitantly agreed. Jaysen's usually pretty good at following through with his promises, and I figured I could always lay down the law if need be. So I went to lay down in my room.

I heard the game restart. I have to go start a battle because he's not listening. I walk out to the living room where I see Jaysen in the process of turning off the TV. He spies me, and immediately growls at me (for not trusting he would keep his word?).

He yells angrily, "Maaaah-meeee! You go to your room!"

Fine with me, I'm going to bed. So I went into my room.

Something wasn't quite right. I peeked into the hallway and under Jaysen's door. His bedroom light was off. Hmmm. He would not turn his light off and go to bed alone. He starts talking. I fight between eavesdropping and sleep, but decide on the latter.

His door opens. He tiptoes into my room, climbs up into my bed.

"Mommy? I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what, Sweetie?"

"I'm sorry- I get mad at you. I get mad, and I say 'Mommy!' and go to my room. I shut the door and I go to bed alone. And I talking! I not mad now. I love you, Mommy. Goodnight."

Wow. That was awesome. He not only self-regulated, but he talked himself through it, and told me about it! I told him that it was great that he talked through it, and wasn't angry anymore- but really, I was blown away.


lastcrazyhorn said...

Great! Great. Great. *she says, beaming at you*

Maddy said...

You should be [blown away that it] I certainly am, that is tremendous, I'm so impressed, especially since it doesn't sound as if you prompted or anything, just all by his little lonesome!

Jodi said...

That is awesome...and sounds so mature.

dgibbs said...

That is so great! Good for Jaysen!

Maizie said...

Wow. That is great. Your son and how he communicates reminds me a lot of my daughter Maizie.