Tuesday, November 13, 2007

IEP- knew it was too good to be true.

I should know better than to open my big huge trap. I just got done extolling this I-Team, in awe of the whole process...

Jaysen's regular-ed teacher did not present anything at the meeting, and is now butthurt. I guess she has a bruised ego, and felt attacked. As a person, I feel badly (although nothing negative was directed at her, only what Jaysen requires in the classroom). As a mom, I'm screamin' "get over it- this isn't about you"!

~Monday, she started referring to herself by her last name, when up until now, it's been "Please! Call me Marie!"
~It went from "Jaysen is very bright" to "I just don't think he's as smart as I thought he was".
~She has gotten short and impatient with me.

Onto bigger things like-

Yesterday, Jaysen had a meltdown at school (his first one this year). I still don't know what happened, but the teacher reported to my mother that he started screaming at her "you're not nice! I don't like you!" Which upset the whole class because they were defending that she is nice. The screaming continued, and he eventually spit at her. She did not notify the on-call support staff. She sent him to the office.

My mom said that the teacher wrote a note to me, and it was in Jaysen's backpack. What did the note say?

Jaysen was very tired today. He wanted to lay down in the office.
Here is the work he didn't want to finish.

And was attached to seven homework pages.

So, had I not spoken to my mother, I would assume that Jaysen's day was fine, he was just a little tired. She never even mentioned that he had a rough day. Instead, she sends home seven pages of homework? How long was my kid at the office?

He completed 2 and a half pages at home, and I threw the rest in the trash.

When I dropped him off at school today, I met up with the special ed. teacher. I let her know that something was possibly going on, and Jaysen had a meltdown yesterday. She was pissed. She was pissed that the teacher did not call her for assistance, pissed that he was sent to the office instead of the Resource Room, and pissed that the office never notified her that Jaysen was there. She had no clue about any of it until I told her this morning. She also said that the teacher has been treating her strangely- being overly compliant, and wanting her to take Jaysen anytime.

It is bothering me that Jaysen had his first meltdown, but more so that he spit at his teacher. Jaysen does spit- but only when he's really pissed. He will hit before he spits, and was most likely provoked. I don't know if it was her change in attitude, or that he was allowed to escalate to that point, but something isn't right.

I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt that this really just may have been an "off day" for all, but I am remaining on alert.

En garde.


Michelle said...

WOW. Again, Jaysen's a lot like my son down to the "I don't like you" statements. Currently, it's you're a dirty, rotten w(m)eanie!" My guess is the teacher was feeling hurt, intimidated, and underappreciated by you and the SPED team. Jaysen, it sounds like, is smart and insightful enough, to pick up on her negative energy, sarcasm and passive-aggressiveness. Ugh. This story frustrates me, so sorry you have to deal with this. Is the principal an ally who would put this teacher "on alert" that this in NOT the way to address Jaysen's academic, behavioral and social needs?

mommy~dearest said...

The principal is new this year, so I don't know if she is willing to take that position yet. The SPED teacher is, but she kind of "has it out" for the REGED teacher. I think she likes to be considered a martyr at times. I want to knock both of their heads together, and remind them it's about my son, not their egos!!!

Jodi said...

This all sounds so familiar. Here's to hoping that this is just a small bump in the road...