Wednesday, November 21, 2007

'Scuse me, you're stepping on my brain.

I've often felt that Jaysen and I have this connection. That I understand him. That we have some of the same quirks. I know why he does them, but can't explain it. Am I a touch on the Spectrum too? I've firmly believed that whatever wasn't "typical" with him, was the case with me as well.

I was not expecting this.

Recap from our trip to the Neurologist/Movement Specialist:

Following Question and Answer time...
Doc: He does not have Tardive Dyskinesia.
Me: Okay. Are you sure?
Doc: Yes. TD has an onset of adolescence. This is not TD. It's something totally different.
Me: Alright.
Doc: You have it.
Me: Okay...
Doc: It started when you were in early childhood.
Me: Yes...
Doc: As an adult, you've learned to adapt, so it's virtually undetectable.
Me: Yes...
Doc: It's genetic, and you passed it on to your son.
Me: Okay...

At this point, I'm wondering what the heck is the deal with this huge "reveal". Am I supposed to guess the affliction? Is this a guess your diagnosis game? Justtellmemotherfucker-becauseyou'rereallymakingmeanxious-andI'mgoingtoeitherlaughcryorsmacktheshitouttayou.

Me: So...what is it?
Doc: Tourette Syndrome.
Me: Tourette.
Doc: Tourette.
Me: Well alrighty then!

Being disability savvy, I realize that Tourettes is more than just the infamous coprolalia of hollering out obscenities, and am open to hear what Doc has to say. He proceeds to explain that he's not totally convinced that Jaysen has ASD, because Tourette is "like ADHD plus tics", and a lot of the quirks that I described are "classic Tourette tics". It is often confused with OCD. Apparently, Autism stims can look a lot like Tourette tics as well. His official diagnosis was Tourette with ADHD and developmental delay. Which he just may grow out of. Erp?

My mind is pretty much blown. What does this mean? Do I have to return all of my Autism stuff? Dammit- I just bought two more shirts! Should I change the name of this blog? How's this? The Quirk Factor:'s only Tourette. Goodbye to all of my fellow Autism bloggers...I'm off to find some new Tourette buddies.

I am still not convinced that's the case. This Doc didn't seem to think of Autism as a Spectrum Disorder, stating that since Jaysen has social skills (will answer questions, has eye contact) he didn't feel that he qualified as Autistic. I tend to think his view of Autism is stuck more with classic Autism.

Much research and discussion is needed here. Does Tourette Syndrome have sensory issues as well? What about behavior issues? Why does Jaysen have so many issues, when I had practically none of the same ones he has? Is there a Tourette spectrum? Of course I'm thinking of a bazillion questions after the fact, but I will be researching like a fiend. Next stop is a trip back to the psychologist to discuss these findings. He's the one who seems to "get it" best.

Until next time-wishing you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!

(Sorry, couldn't resist...must be my Tourette)


Maddy said...

Good grief. That's a bolt from the blue [at least for me!] I think that there's such an overlap that you'll pretty much be doing the same old same old. He's the same child 'just' a different label. Sounds like you'll be spending Thanksgiving in the research vaults.
Best wishes as always

Jodi said...

Geez, sometimes I think that my kid could be given 3 different "labels" if I took him to three different people. It's frustrating! I once had a psychiatrist tell me my kid with DS had Aspergers as well. I don't think so. At this point we are just treating the symptoms nad not worrying about extra labels. I would suggest not getting too wrapped up in the Tourettes label.Did he suggest you do anything differently along with the new label?

Sabrina said...

Lordy. I hate to say but sometimes I really think it's a guessing game with Dr's and teachers. We actually did testing which labeled our son as ADHD w/ODD. He also has SID. But then his teachers think he has PDD's or Aspergers and want him examined more. It seems like such a guessing game anymore. I agree, don't let this new label get to you. Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Casdok said...

Wow! How long did the Dr spend with him?? Is it worth getting a second opnion?
But as Maddy says there is a big overlap.
C has a few other diagnosis as well as autism, but that is the one that presents the most. Its still a shock when you are told something else when you mind has been on one thing.
Happy Thanksgiving to you to!

MOM-NOS said...

Fascinating. How is it that the doctor was able to diagnose you?

We are happy to keep you in the autism family, autism or not. It takes a village to raise any child, and we like having you in our village.

And on a completely unrelated note, I tagged you for a meme this evening. Of course, that's before I knew about the "arsetarts" thing... :)

mom2spiritedboy said...

I stumbled across your blog and was intrigued by this post in particular. My son (9) has Tourette Syndrome (TS) and there can be a great deal of overlap between TS, ADHD, ASD and OCD. We are in the midst of trying to determine if our son is on the spectrum as well. My guess, the doctor is accustomed to seeing TS but not so much in seeing children on the higher end of the Autism spectrum.

mommy~dearest said...

As far as diagnosing me, it was just as I wrote. The doc talked with me for about 25-30min. and observed us. Apparently, many of the "quirks" I described (that we both do), are "classic" Tourette tics. He also stated that it is genetic- a parent has a 50% chance of passing it onto their child. If the child is female, there is a 75% chance she will display the TS behavior. If the child is male, there is a 99% chance.

I did ask Birthmom about any behaviors, and she denied anything of the sort. However, once I started describing some of them, she kept saying "I do that! I do that too!" So that was interesting.

I've always said that it's not the diagnosis that I'm concerned with, but the services Jaysen gets. As long as he is receiving the services he needs, I'm fine with whatever. In fact, he would receive any and all services with the ASD diagnosis, so even if his docs agreed across the board on TS, I would keep the ASD for school purposes.

There isn't a whole lot of difference in treatment either, from what I understand. But, as I stated before, It's going to take some research, and a whole lot of questioning.

I too, am thinking that this doc is not aware of Autism being a spectrum disorder, and does not have familiarity with "HFA" either.

Thank you all for your support! Mom2spiritedboy, I'll be in touch soon!

lastcrazyhorn said...

I'm pretty sure that you can have both . . . or maybe he's just a very twitchy aspie. :)