Monday, July 13, 2009

The things I do for my kid...

Yesterday, I took Jaysen to this mall that has a gem of a store. The store has all Asian things, from food to furniture. Probably a poor analogy, since alphabetically, I just limited the store's selection by quite a bit.


I love Asian decor, so this has been one of my favorite stores for years. BUT! They also have awholebunchof Mario stuff (and Hello Kitty), but Mario stuff!

He totally guessed where we were going as soon as we entered the parking lot- I had told him about this store, and he's been bugging me to take him there. He was so excited, he was totally silent, except for a few high pitched squeaks. He clutched my hand as we walked through the mall. He was ticcing so much that it almost looked like he was dancing. Big tics, people. Tics that made him momentarily airborne. I am not exaggerating.

Once in the store, my boy was overwhelmed at first. I mean, look at all that Mario stuff! I am about to absolutely explode happiness out of every orifice! Ohmigosh, I can't handle The Happy! When he gets overwhelmed like that, he says he wants to leave, hides behind me, loses eye contact, and makes me talk for him.

He started to settle in and it was all good from there. He found heaven. And Mario and Luigi are there.

After the store, we went to a local fair.
There are three things you need to know about why this fair was so different from any other fair we've been to.

1- They had a mud volleyball tournament. In between games, the kids who were in bathing suits swam in these huge sinkholes filled with mud. Jaysen said he wished he'd brought his bathing suit so he could do that too. Yes, my child is both a sensory avoider and sensory seeker. It could be one, the other, both, or whatever, depending on the day, and you'd better guess correctly. Har har...

2- At one of the midway games, from across the park, Jaysen spied a stuffed animal Jerry (from Tom and Jerry). He lurvs Tom and Jerry almost as much as Mario and Luigi. Again, he retreated. He kept telling me "I see Jerry the mouse", but he wouldn't tell or show me where. Once he chilled a bit, he pointed to a booth, where I indeed did see Jerry the mouse. I leveled with the carnie and told him I just wanted to buy the damn thing. $20. Sold. It's a small price for the happiness you just brought my son. And thank you for not caring that he turned away and flapped when you handed it to him.

3- Jaysen likes rides. Not the big scary rides, but usually the carousel, kiddie coaster, ferris wheel, fun house, etc. Until yesterday.
"Mommy, I want to go on that!"
I turn to see The Himalaya.
Holy crap! Have you lost your flippin' mind?!?
Background: The Himalaya is my Moby Dick. For years, I've wanted so badly to ride it. I have always been too chicken shit. It looks so fun, with the lights and music- and c'mon, what other ride at the fair has its own DJ? But nope, I valued my dry underwear and stable stomach over my desire to conquer the unknown.
"Um, Jaysen, that's a big ride. It's scary."
(Tool around fair some more)
"Mommy, can we go on that now?" The freakin Himalaya again.
"Huh? We??? I don't think so. Mom's freaked out by that ride. And I'm not about to let you ride it alone."
"It's not scary..."
"Yes it is."
"You can ride with me! Together!"
Needless to say- my son was able to squelch twenty-sixteen years of sheer terror... and got my ass on that ride.

Thank you, Pooka, for teaching me to be brave.
I love you so much, I will ride the Himalaya all day with you.


Heike said...

Ohhhhh. I have a thing about heights. And with my pelvic floor after 3 kids, no bloody way! You are soooo brave. Well done, both of you, facing the Himalaya. Did you enjoy it at bit? Or was it pure terror?

Niksmom said...

O.M.G. I love absolutely everything about this post! Sounds like a really great time together. So glad you conquered your fear and that J found heaven with Mario Bros! You so deserved some fun after all you've gone through lately, too!

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