Friday, July 10, 2009


This is by no means a completed list, but I wanted to show some love for the people who have helped to restore my faith in humanity. I really hope I'm not forgetting anybody- if I am, please let me know. I don't know how much info to share, so I'm keeping a moderate level of confidentiality for everyone...

Many thanks, huge hugs, bright blessings, and much love to:

My parents

Kev L, Grahm B, Casdok, Karen E, Lynne H, Snjezana SZ, Matt C, Cecilia B, Susan S, Jen P, Robin T, Jonathan JP, Elisa B, Gabrielle M, Shelley D, Heike F, Kristin and Ali, Icca, Cathy B, Datri, and all of my readers who are keeping us in their thoughts and prayers.

Sarah, Greg and Josh, Louis, Marc and Dana, Melissa and Dave, Auntie B, Betty and Ron, Brenda, the Pipers, Susan and Jeff, Nancy and Paul, the Klaymans, Helene and Mert, Greg and Michelle, Lorraine, Dan and Lucy, Nancy W, my awesome neighbors, Susan, Ellen, Mandy F, and all of the wonderful people at my work.

Nicki J, Jenny MB, Elisa LB, Toya JF, Jodi R, Sissy and Dave, Jeff and Joy, Michael P, Annie B, Jamie and Kai, Trish S, Lisa H, Brian, Nancy W, Cindi, Holly, Paul, Wally, Dave, Vickie, Cliff, Tom, Jim and Mary Jo, Jack, Ruth, Krystal, Jackie, George, Jennifer, and Jacquie.

The Federation of Circles and Solitaries, Hercules Restaurant, Grace Episcopal Church, and the second grade teachers at Jaysen's school.

You all have made such a huge difference, words truly cannot express my gratitude.
Thank you...


Shea's Mom said...

Hugs back at ya!


Maddy said...

Sounds like you have a fine 'team' there which is always very gratifying.

Casdok said...

Great to see that you have had lots of support.