Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Number 9, no MSG.

If you are my father, stop reading here. Really.
Click the little red " X " in the upper corner, and go look up nekkid boobies or something else. Thank you and I love you!

Now that he's gone... you are gone, right Dad?
Okay. I've been thinking of getting another tattoo.
My problem is, I can't seem to find a kanji symbol for Autism.

Understand that you cannot just go online and trust whatever picture pops up. The best way to get an accurate character is from your favorite Chinese restaurant. My encounters have not gone too well.

Me: Hi, I'll have the #9 with hot mustard. I also have a question for you.
Chinese Restaurant Lady (CRL): Okay!
Me: Is there a Chinese symbol for "Autism"?
CRL: Symbol? What you mean?
Me: Y'know, um... character. A Chinese character. For Autism.
CRL: Carater? I don know what you mean?
Me: Chinese character. A Symbol. Writing? Kanji?
CRL: Ah, writing for...
Me: My son. He has a disability called Autism. It's where... (CRL eyes become vacant... second lady comes out of the back room. I asked her last week)
CRL2: Can I help?
Me: No thank you, I'm asking about the character for Autism.
CRL2: No, no Autizz. #9 ready. See you nex week!

So, I haven't been able to get very far.

I did, however, learn an interesting tidbit in my searching.
Although in China Autism is known as "Lonely Syndrome", if you do a Google image search for Chinese + Autism, you will find a lot of images for the characters "love" and "courage". There was even one for "family".
I thought that was cool.

If anyone is able to find a Chinese or Japanese character for Autism, I would be hugely appreciative. Hugely. Like I would give you my last stick of gum kind of grateful.
If I use the character you send, I will give you a big fat prize once I get my tattoo.

My only stipulation is you have to be able to authenticate/verify that it is indeed a translation of Autism. I do NOT need a tattoo that looks cool, but actually says "My peanuts are spoiled", "Looks good in tubetop" or even worse, "I heart Jenny McCarthy".


Thank you, and Dad? You've only been out for a couple of minutes.
Drink some water and you'll feel better.



Niksmom said...

Check with Kristina Chew to see if she knows?

mommy~dearest said...

Duh. Awesome idea Niksmom! Don't know why I didn't think of that weeks ago...

Heike said...

I have asked my brother in law, who lives in Japan with his Japanese girlfriend. But i'll only tell you if you tell me what the first tatoo is....

Monte Rosen said...

Hope this helps:

The Chinese word for autism
( 自闭症 , Zi Bi Zheng ) literally translates as “the lonely disease”.

This is from a document my staff here in Shanghai helped put together.

Heike said...

And here 自閉症 is the Japanese version (apart from middle character pretty similar). The word is "jiheishou" pronounced ji - hey - shou in Japanese. Not to the first tatoo...

mommy~dearest said...

Thank you! :) Kristina is working to verify as well. You all are awesome.

Heike- You have to remember I was married to a tattoo artist. Technically, I have 6 tattoos. Some are small, some are large, and a few are in the middle. :)

I have:
~Pookie (from Garfield) at bikini area.
~The fish from Cat in the Hat on my foot.
~Flowers on my lower leg.
~An Angel on the back of my neck.
~A Sign Language "I love you" hand behind my ear.
~A lower back/hips tribal piece with an ankh centerpiece and a mummy on each side.

1,2,3,4,5,6. Yep. That's all of them. :)