Monday, April 13, 2009

Hairdresser on fire.

One of the things Jaysen has had to overcome (along with doctors and dentists) has been haircuts. To this day, he does not like the clippers- couple the sound they make with the scraping feeling, and the fact he's been cut with them four times by various hairdressers... he just doesn't like the whole experience. Understood.

I tried to cut his hair at home once or twice, and vowed never to attempt it again. I have no talent for my own hair, let alone someone else's, so imagine my surprise when last night, Jaysen announced he wanted a haircut.

Against my better judgement, I sat him down on the toilet in the bathroom and started to buzz the back of his hair with the clippers and #7 attachment. A #7 is still fairly long, so I felt semi-comfortable, and I was starting at the back in case he chickened out.

He did not chicken out.
In fact, he told me "shave me down and make me round!" Thank you Spongebob.
After I shaved the back and sides (I kept the top moppy), he looked in the mirror and told me "Not like this! Short!" I sighed and proceeded to take the top off with the #7 too.

He again looked in the mirror.
"Noooo! Take it off!" So I reluctantly put on a #3 attachment and re-cut his whole head with the #3.
A #3 is pretty flippin' short, and way outside my comfort zone.

He looked in the mirror, smiling.

Jaysen: No, Mommy! All of it!
Me: You want it shorter...than that?!?
Jaysen: Yes. Take it off!
Me: Jaysen, that's pretty short. You're almost bald.
Jaysen: Bald! (Cheesy grin)
Me: You want to be bald?
Jaysen: Yes!
Me: Like bald bald? Like no hair? Like... skin-bald?
Jaysen: Yes! Make me skin-bald!
Me: (bythepowersofkojakwhatthehellisgoingon?) Jaysen, I'm not going to make you skin-bald.
Jaysen: Yes! Please Mommy? I want to be skin-bald!
Me: (holyfuckingshitonabowlingball) I don't think so Jaysen. Why don't you keep it like this for now, and we'll see if you want to be bald tomorrow.
Jaysen: Okay... (totally bummed)

So, my sensory defensive child set aside his fear of clippers because of...a script. That in itself was sort of cool, but he had such beautiful thick hair! Now he looks like a kid in boot camp!

Warning: Scripting can be hazardous to your hair.
What has your child done for the sake of scripting?


kristi said...

Wow...TC hates having his hair shaved. I trim it with scissors.

Shea's Mom said...


Wish my kid would go for that age old style.

I remember all the boys getting buzz cuts at the beginning of summer when I was a kid.

Don't see that much anymore.

Heike said...

Beaver sports a number one all round. It says 'I might walk funy, but don't mess with me."

Nicki said...

Well, at least now he won't have to worry about getting his hair cut again for a few years!!! ;)

Terri said...

My son who has his own sensory issues asked for the same thing at about 7 years old. The hairdresser went along--he told me that this was his brave haircut and he spent the next months bolder (not scary bold, thankfully, just not timid anymore.) Very funny...

Shelly said...

How the heck did hairdresser's cut him with Clippers? Those are almost imposable to cut someone with.. unless they were dull..