Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Top 5 Searches

A few bloggers have posted things like this before- Sitemeter allows you to see how people find your blog, which includes any searches on Google or elsewhere.

I've seen some hysterical ones, but I've never had anything out of the ordinary- just your usual "Autism Cures" (which ironically leads people to my JM post), "Mommy Dearest" (sorry kids, the classic is Mommie Dearest), "Resistance is futile", and things of the like.

Until now.

Ladies and Gentlemen- I have finally drawn some winners.

Starting off the list is someone who searched "This Butt's for You". Why thank you! Although I do have a post titled that, I highly doubt that was the intent of your search. Pervert.

Next, we have "Risperdal for Ticks". I'm sorry- I certainly hope your dog gets that problem under control.

"Funky Resistance". Not a clue.

"Does Fool and You Rhyme?". Umm...no.

And the winner of this round..."Chested Boobies". For real? Chested boobies? WTF is a chested boobie?

People scare me.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! I like the chested boobies one. WTF is right?! I love reading mine as well. I get hits almost daily for pug puppies which I know the post it is from but man...about 10 hits a day on that alone. Who would have known pug puppies were so popular.

Once I got one for 'long toenails on men' Ack!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

In general, close to 100% of the searches leading to my blog are looking for incest related porn. (It's a little startling just how many people look for that.) In the past week, that has been overtaken by searches for "Alex Barton."

Jodi said...

The number one search phrase that gets to my blog is "I know not what the future holds" It is amazing how many people around the world search that phrase.

Casdok said...

I do find the searches amusing, the biggest one for my blog is Shrek sex!

J said...

Great! I'm not the only one who checks out their site meter!! It is fun and informative(albeit a bit scary sometimes) to see what people are searching for isn't it? Cheers--from a new reader.

Niksmom said...

Oh my. Perhaps I should check out mine? I think I'm afraid to! LOL

Thanks for your recent comment. I hope you'll stop by regularly. :-)

I've added you to my reader.

Megs said...

LMAO on this post! I have been reading the history of your recent struggle, and we moved because of how much we just couldnt get it to work with our town. We realized that we just could not fight it any longer. We felt we could not spend so much time and energy frustrated, and change it. I commend you on your persistance, and fight.