Friday, June 27, 2008


ESY has been going great for Jaysen. He really seems to like it! When I say he likes it, I mean he goes outside at 7am to wait for the bus. The bus doesn't come until 8am. I'm so impressed. Cold, in the morning, but impressed.

I got my hair cut yesterday- actually, I got it chopped. I don't know what it was about this lady, but for some odd reason, I really trusted her. I haven't had a haircut in over a year (with all of the drama this year, who even thinks of a haircut?), so my hair was reaching down my back. I got over 7 inches cut off, and now my hair is just below my chin. It's strange to me, but it's a really cute cut.

While I was waiting for the stylist, a little girl walked up to me and said-
"Are you Jaysen's Mom?"
*looking around for minions* "Um...yes..."
"How's Jaysen's summer going?"
Who is this girl? "It's going really well. He's having a great time. How is your summer?"
"Good. I was in Jaysen's first grade class. And his Kindergarten class."
Aha! "Yes you were. Are you doing anything this summer? Jaysen went to camp and he really liked it."
"No. Okay...bye!"

Hee hee. The Mom walked up and we chatted for a bit. She was one of the Moms who met me for that little meeting I had about the drama, so it was cool for us to chat under non-stressful conditions.

In other news, I received a letter from the Board of Ed, saying that I am totally in the wrong- Ms.GenEd has taught many special needs kids (Funny- because at the beginning of the year, she asked me what an IEP was), and they do not believe for a minute Ms.Principal acted the way I alleged (Really? Because I have documented proof that she did). So of course, there's the part of me that wants to bust it all open and respond to their letter, but the rational side is stopping me from doing so, for fear of starting next year off on bad terms. *Ugh* sometimes I hate being the bigger person.

That's my update for now- I have to get going to work. Whoot whoot- Happy Friday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Great! I am so glad ESY is going well for Jaysen. Sounds like a cute little girl you met at the salon. Your hair sounds very nice. I recently went shorter as well. It can feel quite liberating.

Anonymous said...

I think its time for me to get a haircut as well. Pulling it out doesnt count right? Didnt think so. The little girl was too cute:) Have a nice weekend!

kristi said...

I understand about not ticking off anyone at the is hard! Of course they will protect their teachers but it is frustrating as a parent. I am looking forward to TC being in a new school next year. These last 2 years have been quite a battle for me.