Monday, August 6, 2007

Do Do Do, Da Da Da.

I've been thinking recently about Jaysen's Autism. Is it more descriptive to say he is Autistic, or that he has Autism? Is or has?

He is an American.
She has a cold.

He is Deaf.
She has Cerebral Palsy.

But wait!

He has blue eyes.
She is blue-eyed.

Holy crap, it's too confusing to be politically correct.

Since it is a part of who he is- an inseparable part- I am inclined to use the phrase "he is Autistic".

I want people to realize that although Jaysen is compromised in some areas, that he is an amazing kid. My mother has been concerned that he's been talking to his video tapes. The tapes are his friends. Each of them has a different voice. He scripts with them.

I told her not to worry- lots of kids have imaginary friends, and with his brother being only 7 months old, he really doesn't have a playmate at home. Lots of kids have imaginary friends for different reasons. The difference is, that Jaysen realizes his tapes are inanimate objects. I asked him if Van Gogh would like some juice too, and he replied "nooo...Van Gogh's a video tape!" Good enough for me.

His Speech therapist explained it to my mom that any way he's getting language, is good. If it's talking to himself, talking to objects, talking to long as he's talking and getting that language exposure.

I think she's concerned that he's not going to be a functional adult. She worries that he'll be teased, and rejected by his peers. I'm trying to explain that these are concerns of mine too, and why it is so important that we build a stable foundation for him. He probably will be teased- he's on the Spectrum. Dealing with teasing and bullying sucks. Some kids go home and cry about it, extreme cases have committed suicide, yet other kids just let it roll off their backs. That's my goal. To teach Jaysen how to let it roll.

People also tend to forget what "on the Spectrum" means. I also think my mother worries that he's schizophrenic at times. She forgets that he has quirks, and that's normal for him. No mom, he's not going to be typical. He's not typical. But was I your typical kid?

Companion wanted to get baby gates from Toys R Us for Rylan today. He called to ask me what he should tell Jaysen when he wanted to get something. My suggestion was to say "that's a good idea. Let's go home and make a sticker-chart for that". He asked what he should do if Jaysen persisted. I have to admit I didn't know. I suggested that they'll just have to leave then. I could tell that Companion wasn't happy with that- wasted time and all, but that's how it is. If you have to go, you just have to go. On the Spectrum. Things aren't going to necessarily apply. Take everyday parenting advice and stick it up your pooper, 'cuz it most likely won't do you any good.

I don't know how I got so off track, but that's all I have for now.

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