Thursday, May 31, 2007


Finally met up with the psychologist last night. After three failed attempts to follow through on appointments (one cancellation was ours, one his, and one time he just "forgot" about us and left us sitting in the waiting room for an hour), we finally managed to meet up.

I really like this psychologist. Since Jaysen's been on the medication, his anxiety and meltdowns have been more manageable. I mentioned to the psychologist that I would like him to teach Jaysen, or teach me, self-regulation techniques. I like the fact that Jaysen still experiences frustration (as I stated before, I want him to experience the full array of human emotions) but now we need to start showing him things he can do to self soothe, and get over that frustration hurdle.

Anything I've tried to suggest to him, or show him, has either only worked once, or hasn't worked at all. So we'll be meeting with the psychologist weekly to figure out different options for Jaysen.

Jaysen has also picked up some new behaviors such as flapping his hand at the back of his head, and turning circles with his finger on his shoulders. The psychologist doesn't think it should be a concern right now, since the target behavior was Jaysen's aggression, and that has been addressed with the med. Personally, I would rather have him fluffing his hair than biting and trying to scratch people's eyeballs out, but it was a concern of the psychiatrist, so I brought it up.

He also wants to work on Jaysen's "mental blocks" where he still resorts to scripting. His latest scripting is directly from The Price is Right. It's actually very entertaining, since he plays out a very animated Bob Barker. I don't know what will happen when the last show airs. We may have to have a retirement party for Bob.

All in all, I am confident at this time that Jaysen is in good hands with the interdisciplinary team he has at this time.

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