Saturday, May 26, 2007

Drugs and Hugs

I always considered myself one of those parents who would never resort to medication for their child. Well...let's just say my shoe is pretty tasty.

About a month ago, we had a trip to the psychiatrist. This was after many, many, many failed attempts at behavior modification, Jaysen's frustration, aggression, and anxiety were at a monumental high. She recommended Risperdal.

Risperdal...risperdal...why did that sound familiar?

Oh yeah, some of my TBI clients were on it. Wait a minute- isn't that an anti-psychotic? Hold up there, doc. That's a major drug we're talking about here. And what do you mean he could gain 40lbs? I can't have an 80lb. 5 year old stomping through the house like Godzilla bustin' up Tokyo! What? What's that you say? Diabetes? Oh hell naw- I am not putting my child on that!

Anyway, after much contemplation, I did end up putting him on that. And do you know what I found? Jaysen is much happier. He's more calm, focused, and seems more able to deal with frustrating situations. His "imaginative play" is awesome. His creativity has opened up. And an added bonus is- his language has exploded! He's actually talking in sentences that (most of the time) make sense, he's able to piece things together in his mind a little better, and he is expressing himself more. That is huge. To hear my son in a fit of frustration say to me, "Mommy, I need to get the 'energy' out", knocked the wind out of me.

Sure, he still gets frustrated. I want him to. He's five. I think it's important that he be exposed to, and learn how to deal with all of the human emotions. But we have not had one meltdown. The best part, is that he's not zombified. That was a major concern of mine. I didn't want a little zombie-kid slobbering around looking for brains. But he's not. He's still Jaysen, and he seems a lot more at ease. Which can allow me to breathe for now. I still am gravely concerned about the weight gain and such, but we'll have to deal with that as it comes. I've been trying my best to keep him active- which will hopefully benefit me as well!

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