Friday, May 25, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

Okay, so I've kept a running list of funny things Jaysen has said throughout the years, or mispronounciations, or just general aphasic word substitution. Here's a few of the winners:

Shirp = Shirt

Waikiki = Blanket

Kia = Video tape

Goom = Moon

The Screamer = The baby monitor. "Hey mommy, the screamer fell down!"

Schnakka = Kwanzaa. I think this came from a discussion about different holidays and cultures we had one day.

Eatdafoos = April Fool's! This one took me about six months to figure out- until I heard it on a Spongebob episode...


And a bit more recently...

Leg Pit = The backside of the knee. Relative to the arm pit.

Towel Hat = What mommy wears on her head when she gets out of the shower.

Bobo stick = Pogo stick


Jacquie said...

I just started reading your blog!
I like "leg pit" the best, I may actually start using that term myself. Thanks Jaysen. :)

lastcrazyhorn said...

I had a few of those when I was younger.

The one that I remember the best was "Bo-bore."

It meant "broken."

Still sounds good to this day.

mommy~dearest said...

Love it! Ex-husband swears that the past tense of "breathe" should be "brothe".