Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloweenies 2009

I love Hallowe'en. It's my absolutely favoritest holiday of the year. Every year, I look forward to the possibility that Jaysen has gotten over his costuming phobia - costumes are cool, as long as there's nothing on his face, and as long as Mom doesn't dress up. See here.

But this year, seemed different.

This was the first year my sensory-evasive son, conquered his issues and actually touched the pumpkin guts.
Not only did he touch them, he actually got in there and dug around in the pumpkin!
Granted, he only used one hand, but still- he was covered in pumpkin yuck, fingers to elbow, and was having a blast!


Enter the Hallowe'en wrecker...

...that would be the one on the left.

Costuming was no big issue this year, since he wanted to be Luigi.
Luigi without the signature mustache.
Okay, whatever. He was still really cute, and very excited.

We had a Mario costume for Rylan, which he was geeked about as well. When it came down to it though, he wanted to be Thomas the Train.
Thomas? Seriously?
But it's not about me, so he was Thomas.

Cutest Thomas evar!

Time for Trick-or-Treating.

Last year, my kids were all about it.
It took Rylan one house to figure out "I say Trick-or-Treat, and get candy?!? I totally got this one!"

This year?

Rylan chanted "I not go Trick-or-Treat!" as we started to walk the neighborhood, and sat at the end of each driveway, crying. Would not go up to the houses.
He Trick-or-Treated at a total of two houses- mine, and my parent's.

Jaysen wasn't much better. He Trick-or-Treated at a total of five houses. He was really selective on which houses he went up to. Not for any particular reason, just saying "That's okay, we'll go to a different one."

They were done in under 30 min.

Jaysen did get a kick out of passing out candy to other Trick-or-Treaters once back at the house. He was dishing out huge handfuls, and thought it was funny that the recipients would say "WOW!" when he filled their bags.


You've got to see my dismay by now... I have no candy to pilfer!
C'mon! It's a mom's job to pilfer all the good stuff out of the kid's take-home stash!

Seriously, there's nothing to loot.
And I'm so bummed. Not one chocolate bar of any kind.

So, dear Jaysen, I'm thrilled you had a fun Hallowe'en-
But once again, you totally wrecked it for your mom.
Next year, you stay home and pass out candy. I'll go Trick-or-Treating.
I'll school ya on how it's done.

Because this?!? Is pathetic.



Niksmom said...

Bwahahahahaha! You crack me up! You should come to my house...we had about 6 kids and have a ton of candy left. GAH!

Corrie Howe said...

My kids don't go to a lot of homes either. Fortunately not many kids come to our home. We live down a long, tree-lined unlit driveway. So I buy candy I like know they'll be lots of left overs. :-)

Dana said...

OMG, Melissa...Dylan was the same way about trick or treating. He was not thrilled in the least. We did get him to go to a couple houses, but that was with a good amount of begging. LOL

Meg said...

Oh they're adorable! And just think, no cavities! Now I feel like a bad mom, I talked my son out of being Thomas. I'm just SO SICK of Thomas! You're obviously a much better mom than me.

Accidental Expert said...

My kids went to enough houses for about ten families. So if you want, you can come raid our candy. Please, please get it away from me!

Just found your blog and I'm glad I did. Also have a son on the spectrum.

Marla said...

I look for the chocolate and there was not enough this year. The girls ate it all up before I had much at all. Argh. This year M did the best she has ever done helping carve.

Usually M would only last a few houses. I am amazed that we went two blocks this year.

Mary (MPJ) said...

Aw! Luigi and Thomas! One current and one former favorite in our house. :) They look so cute!