Sunday, November 29, 2009

Freedom of Religion

I have spoken in the past, about our motley crew when it comes to religious/spiritual views here at the Casa de Quirk. Or have I? I don't know. I really don't remember. However, while decorating our tree this afternoon...

Jaysen: Mommy? Are you Christian?
Me: No... are you?
Jaysen: Yes.
Me: (erp?)
Jaysen: Do you celebrate Christmas?
Me: Um, yeah... kind of...
Jaysen: If you celebrate Christmas, then you're Christian.
Companion: Are Moppi and Peepa Christian?
Jaysen: No, they don't celebrate Christmas. They're Jewish.
Me: .................
Companion: Well, we celebrate the feeling of Christmas. People being nice to each other.
Me: Yeah (omg, nice save!), It's called the holiday spirit.
Me: Do you know who is Christian? Gramma. She can probably answer any questions you may have. See, Christians believe in Jesus Christ. Do you know who Jesus is?
Jaysen: Mom. I'm playing Sonic.
Me: *whew*

And today?
Today is the day that I found out my son is apparently Christian.


mama edge said...

My son, Taz, wants to be Christian because he thinks it's really cool that they worship a zombie. (Think about it. Oy indeed.)

mommy~dearest said...

Hahaha! THAT is hysterical! I love me some Taz.

Heike said...

My youngest son (6) is a Buddhist. My oldest (9) calls himself a Goddist. Can't quite work out how to fit Jesus and Moses and Krishna together (they learn about both at school) and reckons his Jewish friend is pretty cool with the "star thingy"...