Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two days.

That's about how long Jaysen was able to pull off this ohmigod-my-leg-is-broken-and-I'm-gonna-gimp-around-if-you-make-me-go-to-school charade. I have to admit- the boy is good. He's tried to pull off less than crafty attempts before, but this time, he stepped it up to a whole different level.

For over two days, he gimped around, at home and at school- sometimes with his leg bent, sometimes with it stiff as a board. He never broke character, even when he thought he was alone. He didn't break character when enticed with super-fun things like riding on the zip line. He sat out for recess. He has refused baths due to the pain level. He screamed and cried real tears anytime anyone touched it.

I think it actually got to the point where he believed he really couldn't move his leg, and that it was hurt. I told him that if his leg still hurt that much, he would have to take some medicine. He clamped a hand over his mouth and started bawling how his leg was better. It was fine, he could move it, and look! He did these jumping around moves and things to show me he was once again mobile- with his leg still stiff. But he really looked like he was trying!

Fast forward to last night.

"Baaaaath time!"
Kids magically show up in doorway of bathroom- I swear, I don't know how they do this.

"Okay, you guys are going to have to take a bath together tonight."
I undress both kids and Jaysen gets into the tub.

Wait for it, Mom...

I scoop up Rylan the Red One, who likes nothing better than to run around nekkid, and plop his chubbiness into the tub.

"Jaysen, Rylan's scared of the faucet. Could you switch places with him?"
Jaysen obliges.

Waaaait for it...

The kids play around for a bit- hair washing and body scrubbing ensue, and I enlist Jaysen to assist me in the washing of the fidgety Red One. Again he obliges.

Waaaaait for it...not just yet...

I get Rylan out of the tub and start to drain the water. When the water's almost gone, Jaysen pulls up the stopper again and launches himself from one end of the tub to the other (he loves to do this despite the several times he's hit a body part on the soap holder).

Now!!! Do it now! Go in for the kill!

"Oh wow, Jaysen! I am SO glad your leg is better!" (this has to be done as nonchalantly as possible, as over-enthusiasm is unacceptable)

"Yeah! (sort of shocked himself) My leg is all better!" Jaysen steps out of tub.

Okay- now reinforce it!

"Would you like a treat for your leg being all better?"

"Yes! Can I have a gumball?"



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a 'healing' event to me! All carnivals should include some humor.....(I'm pleading here...)

Mama Mara said...

The positive reinforcement at the end was so brilliant... way better than yelling "busted" the way I did when I read this post.

Static Mom said...

OMG this is definitely the "funny of the day".

Jackie said...

My 4 yr old kid tries to convince me on occasion that various limbs are broken, but she has nowhere near Jaysen's level of commitment.

J said...

You two are really clever, but you managed to get a step ahead of him on this one. : ) Yep, the positive reinforcement at the end of the bath was definitely a good move.

Ashley's Mom said...

Good one! Yet another win for the Mom team!!

Jodi said...

You are sly and crafty...just like a mom should be.

you gotta wonder said...

So funny! I was never any good at the subtle responses. Nice job handling the situation.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just bumped into your blog and read this~ This game sounds great and I don't understand adults who don't "get into it" - too funny!