Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Say what?

Y'know the phrase "I'm a (insert adjective here) person stuck in a (insert opposite adjective here)'s body"?
Well, I realize how ridiculous this may sound, but I think my son may be an Aspie stuck in an Autie's body. Or however I should say that so I'm PC. Okay- stop laughing, I'm only half joking. My son is Autistic. Has Autism. Whatever. He has a language delay, but there are times when his chatter will make your head spin.

Jaysen has the desire to have the lengthy focused discussions characteristic to Aspergers, minus the ability to be so loquacious in doing so.
And when he gets geared up, he often sounds like this:

So...mommy. I was thinking.
What were you thinking, sweetie?
I was thinking... I gonna moooove to America.
You're in America.
No, I gonna move to America far away inna trees and sand.
(America is apparently an island?)
Do you mean Australia?
Australia. I go there and soupcase and veeo and DVD and plaaaaaay...(he usually trails off here)
..and then I be there, and sand and trees and veeo, and...

Get the idea?
It gets even more interesting when he talks to himself (sans moderation):

Hey Jaysen-
Yes, Jaysen?
What are you do there?
Oh nuffing. I just here to go to see.
Okay! Let's go!
Okay! What you do now?
Oh... couch, and horses, and juice, and pillows.
Hey- do you like Baby Einstein?
Yes- I like Baby Van Gogh. C'mon, let's see.
Look! Over there!
Beethoven?!? Beethoven! What are you doing with the kraz...nickerflay?
I don know there!
Well...beideroud niff carts.
In pants?!?
Yes! In pants!
Oh no!

And the beat goes on.
Once he gets ahead of his internal "script", any word is fair game- even made up ones.
He'll talk to me, he'll talk to himself, he'll talk to his tapes, he'll talk to invisible friends (not imaginary because they're real people, just not present at the time), it just doesn't matter.
He will talk and talk and talk, and the more he talks, the less sense he makes.

And if he's talking to you? You better have some kind of answer for him if he asks you a question- even if the answer is "floor wax".


Marla said...

Very interesting. I have never heard M have a conversation with herself. I think that is a great developmental skill to have. I love these posts. So cute!

misha_k said...

This sounds like J too - Aspie in an Autie's body. He has difficulty finding his words but when he does he gets on a roll. How the first conversation here starts sounds so much like what happens with J. Now I have to say that conversation with himself is just too cute.

kristi said...

Wow, my son does this too! He says (to himself) "Hi Tony Carl, how are you today?"

and then "Well, I am great, thank you."

Mama Mara said...

They do love the sound of their own voices, don't they? I once asked Rocky why he whisper-repeats himself (e.g. "Iron Man is a brilliant movie that turns superhero conventions on their heads. (whisper) Turns superhero conventions on their heads*)." He answered that he wanted to make sure he heard himself.

* Yes, he really does say things like this.

Static Mom said...

Strangely enough...I understand.

Ashley's Mom said...

My Ashley does this also - only in sign language. I've even seen her argue with herself :)

BTW, did you make your word verification especially for me? Right now it is set as 'CWAZY'

kia (good enough mama) said...

sounds like my kid. talks non-stop. all talking. all the time. and you're right about the answers: you better be prepared to give 'em. it's exhausting, huh?

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I totally understand this - once Nigel started talking, he needed a response for everything he said. If I spend two seconds formulating my response, he'll say, "I asked you a question." If it wasn't a question and I have no *idea* how to respond to him, he'll repeat whatever he said five times until I say something in acknowledgement. My guess is that he's making up for lost time!

Casdok said...

At least hes 'in pants'!! :)

Maddy said...

Seems we exist on common ground!