Monday, March 3, 2008


Well, I had my appointment to review Jaysen's records this morning. In a word? Uneventful.
I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but there was nothing in that file that I already didn't have myself.

Well, that's not entirely true- I did find out that they approved bus transportation for Kindergarten last year. Wow, that would have been nice to know. I didn't even know they had considered it. Obviously, that wasn't followed through on. And there was a confidential fax from another school regarding three kids that were going to be new to special ed- obviously in Jaysen's file by mistake.

I'm wondering what they took out. None of my e-mails were in there. No notes from any meetings that they've had. When I say the file was was worse my Mom's bean soup (sorry, Mom!).

I did find it interesting that when I originally inquired about obtaining copies, I was told it was 10 cents a sheet. When I arrived I asked again, and was told 10 cents a sheet. When I asked for copies...the lady left the room. When she re-entered, I was told it was 10 cents a sheet, and an additional $18 an hour. She explained that the fee was a copy fee, and based on the lowest clerical salary.

*blink blink*

So she copied it, and charged me $15.40 for the copies, plus an additional $9.10 for the excruciatingly difficult task of standing at a copier for 30 minutes.

I thought they couldn't do that?

When I paid her the $24.50, I didn't make a scene. What I did do was have her write out a detailed receipt of what services I was charged and paid for. I know it's only $9.10, but it's another small notch on the bedpost for my case. If I'm correct.
My stinkin' advocate isn't calling me back. frustrating.

Other than those little tidbits, the whole thing was uneventful and a bit of a letdown. I'd like to know if there is anyway to get the non-truncated records. I don't see that there would be an issue if the other student's names were blackened out, but who knows.

I should have more in a couple days. The State Board of Education Compliance Officer meets with the school on Tuesday. She's supposed to get back with me by Wednesday at the latest.

'Til then!


Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Oh my blood is boiling...
The total insanity of it all!! What you're having to go through is just outrageous.

I'll be waiting to hear what happens at the next meeting.
Stay strong and take care. xx

Casdok said...

When I read Cs files for some battle i was fighting, like you i felt all the bits i needed had been taken out. It is all so frustrating.
Why isnt your advocate calling you back?

mommy~dearest said...

Haha- I'm probably just impatient. I called her first thing in the morning, and she could be out of the office or taking a day off. I tend to want them to call me back immediately when I call them.

Ashley's Mom said...

When I needed copies of everything in Ashley's file for a due process, my attorney spelled out very clearly in his letter what things he wanted and it included things like emails, etc. And, they didn't charge for it. I'm not sure about the charging piece - have you reviewed the FERPA guidelines? I believe that is the law that covers releasing a student's records.

Marla said...

I have never heard of charging for your child's school records. Maybe you could call the main school districts office and ask if that is the way it is? Good luck with all of this.

mommy~dearest said...

I talked to my advocate this afternoon- she read from her FERPA book, and it stated that they can charge (for supplies like paper and such, as well as a copy fee). However, you can refuse to pay it if you cite financial hardship. I am told there is usually a waiver.

Additionally, the advocate wants to come with me to the next parent meeting. Yay! And she thinks I may want to think about filing a complaint with the OCR (Office of Civil Rights) as this is becoming a discrimination case.

Gee...what would I do if life were boring? ;)

mom2spiritedboy said...

Sorry to hear it was all unfabulous. Glad your advocate called you back. I work with families myself and I am on the road 80percent of the time. I know many mom's that get anxious when I don't call right back but sometimes there is just not enough time in the day. I can't believe they charged you that much for the photocopies - obviously a ploy to disuade you and why on earth would you have to pay the secretarial fee - she's already being paid to be there - isn't making copies part of her job?