Monday, October 1, 2007

Smugglers Blues

Let me just say, I am thrilled with the new traffic here at The Quirk Factor! It's really wonderful, and I'd like to give you all a big "Welcome!"

I also feel the need to post this disclaimer: I quit smoking on Saturday, so if things seem a little's probably just me wondering if I am still alive, or if I truly made it to hell.

That being said, y'know how some people do "retail therapy" when they go out and buy something to make themselves feel better? Well, let's just say I went a bit overboard. What was my retail therapy? Ummm...a cat. Yep- I went out and got another kitty.

Jaysen and I were at the pet store to get Tikki some food. Jaysen likes to go and "see the cats", so that's where we went. There was a cat rescue at the store, so there were a lot more cats than usual. Jaysen played with two 12 week old Himalayan kittens, while I waited. Then I saw him. Wow...I was in awe. There was the biggest, blackest, furriest kitty in the whole place. I walked over to the cage and reached in to let him sniff me. He came right up to my hand and started to nuzzle. That was it- I was in love.

Problem: Jaysen wanted a Himalayan kitten. I wanted Mr. Big Black Kitty. I decided not to get any cats right then.

My parents took Jaysen to a petting farm. While they were gone, I beelined it to the pet store, and adopted Mr. Bigstuff. His name was Midnight, but c'mon...I can't have a black cat named Midnight, I gots a creative side. So there I was on my way home with Agent Cooper. (Cheers to any Twin Peaks fans out there)

That evening, I didn't tell Jaysen about Agent Cooper. I thought I'd just let him find him on his own. Well, I couldn't wait. Jaysen was drawing at the dining room table. I sat down next to him, holding Agent Cooper.

"Hey Jaysen, how was the farm?"


"What did you do?"

"Went on hayride. I see a cow. I see lots of cows."

He was not looking up from his drawing. Hmmmm...

"Hey Jaysen, did you see this?"

Jaysen looked up, and his eyes got real big.

"You borrow the cat? From a store?"

"Yes, I bought the cat that we saw at the store. His name is Agent Cooper!"

"Cooper from a store?"

"Yes, remember we saw him at the store?"

"Mommy! You can't borrow him!"

I then realized Jaysen's distress. He thought I stole Agent Cooper from the pet store! Because he wasn't with me when I bought him, Jaysen figured I was sitting at home while he was out with my parents. The only logical solution in his mind was that since he didn't see me pay for the cat when we were at the store, I must have smuggled the cat out! (Awesome deductive skills!)

I was laughing so hard by now. I tried to explain that I did not steal the cat, but I went back to the store and bought him. I don't know if Jaysen actually cared by then- he was just happy that "I have 2 cats!".

Big black cuddly cat = $50
My son thinking I stole it = Priceless


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Casdok said...

Retail therapy!!
Go girl!