Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Best birthday ever.

Yes, it's true! Jaysen had his best birthday ever.

He had a little party at school, where I was later informed that he passed out donuts (and licked his fingers between passes...gross...). He stood at the board, and not only let the kids sing Happy Birthday to him, but beamed as they did. He then blew out the candles with his "rocket" eraser. The excitement sent him laughing and spinning.

But that's not all!

The festivities continued at home, where things got even better! I was a bit worried because although I wanted to keep it small (his party is this Saturday, and it was a school night after all), the number of well-wishers kept growing.

Jaysen did very well waiting until after pizza to open presents. He loved everything he got:
A Pop up Pirate game, car crafts, and a hat and scarf from Ex.
A Moon Sand adventure set and refills from Aunt Sissy.
A digital camera and cash from Moppi and Peepa.
A card and a check (towards a bunk bed) from Gramma Betty and Grampa Ron.
Pajamas and a check from Auntie B.
Little Einsteins: Rocket's Firebird Rescue and a Spongebob paddle ball from Rylan.
Aqua Dots starter set and refills from Companion.
And of course, a Scooby Doo pop-up book and the Baby Einstein 4-pack (volume2) from me.

Then was cake time. Jaysen sat down at the table and told everyone that he didn't want us to sing to him because they sang to him at school. No singing and no clapping. I made sure everyone understood. If you sing or clap and wreck this, I will consider stuffing your body down the garbage disposal.

However, I think Jaysen sensed there was some segue needed, so he told us to clap six times. On his count, we clapped six times, he said "Happy Birthday" and proceeded to blow out the candles. He questioned as to why there were 7 candles on the cake, I told him the big "6" candle was for good luck. He pondered that for a moment, said "good luck!" and blew it out. It was great. Nobody screwed it up, and I could just see the relief and joy on his face.

Later that night, Companion and I were just blown away at how great the evening was. We totally wanted to do it again. gives me big hope for Saturday, but even if Saturday doesn't have the same success, it's fine. This not only tolerant, but enjoyable birthday will go down as one of his "firsts".

Thank you everyone, it truly was the best birthday ever.


dgibbs said...

That is so great! He actually let his class sing to him and was beaming?! WOW!

Very glad your guest had the good sense not to mess up things.

Sabrina said...

Sounds like e had a great time and got some fun gifts!

gettingthere said...

Happy birthday, Jaysen. Glad everything went well.

Casdok said...

How wonderful for you all!