Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scared shitless.

Two nights ago, I realized that Jaysen kept making this "fish lip" face and was smacking his lips.

At first, I didn't think too much of it- Jaysen has had quirks in the past where he would breathe repeatedly through his nose, or make a gutteral sound in his throat repeatedly. Why is the "fish face" different? He kept doing it. He did it for hours. Laying in bed trying to go to sleep, he still did it. He even put his hand up to his mouth, in an attempt to stop it, but he continued to do it.


Med increase...oh shit...oh shit...no...

Tardive Dyskinesia...

Jaysen has developed tardive dyskinesia as a possible side effect of the medication. It is a "rare" side effect, but a side effect nonetheless. There is good news that it can be totally reversible if caught early...did I catch it early enough? If not caught early enough, it could be permanent. I immediately called the psychiatrist. She told me to drop the dose back down, and she wanted to see him. His appointment is tonight.

I am scared out of my damn mind.

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