Monday, September 17, 2007

Power to the patty.

If you're a reader of this blog, chances are you're familiar with my son's eating habits (or lack thereof).

To recap, these are the foods that Jaysen will eat:

Pepperoni pizza
Macaroni-n-cheese (Kraft only)
Chicken nuggets
Grilled cheese sandwich
Fruit snacks (but not the ones with 100% fruit)
Dry cereal (some)
Cookies (some)
French fries (the fast food kind)
Goldfish crackers

Needless to say, packing a "healthy" lunch so I at least look like a responsible parent, is difficult.

However, last Thursday, Jaysen came home with his lunch untouched. I thought it was odd that even the "good stuff" was still in there, but thought that possibly he got in trouble just before lunch, and his refusal to eat was a protest, or whatever.

The next day, Jaysen comes home again with a full lunchbox. Hmmm. Should I bite? Okay- I'll bite.

"Jaysen, did your lunch today?"


"What did you get?"

"Hamburger and french fry stars." (It was "Spongebob lunch day, with 'Crabby Patty' burger and 'Patrick Star' fries)

"Um Jaysen?...Did you eat it?"

"Yeah. (big pause) I didn't eat the bread, but I ate the sausage."

Whaaat?!? *Screeching brakes inside of head* What did he just say?!?
I about shat upon myself.

First, of the beautiful sentence he strung together- "I didn't eat the bread, but I ate the sausage". Also... because my son ate a hamburger patty! I couldn't believe it! My son. Ate a hamburger patty! That just doesn't happen! It's like learning that grass is actually a shade of orange. He actually ate a hamburger patty. It was as monumental an event as his first steps. Really.

I decided to quit while I was ahead, and not press the issue. I praised him and mentioned that I bet it was good, and let it be- while inside, I'm dancing a jig of awesome happiness. I'm hoping it was positive peer pressure- wanting to be like other kids and do what they're of those kids has eventually got to eat a vegetable or a fruit...

This morning, I marched into the school office and added $50 to his lunch account.

Forget cake...Let him eat patty!

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Jodi said...

I love it! I hope many more burgers follow. Kraft Mac and Cheese really is the best (in my opinion too!)