Thursday, June 28, 2007


My son is Quirky. To be honest, I think most of his quirks are awesome.

They not only set him apart from others, but they make us laugh. And when I say us, I mean Jaysen too.

I love when he wants something and is trying to be cute about it, he'll curl up the right side of his mouth and look out of the corner of his eye when he makes his request (think a cute little-boy Billy Idol sneer).

I love when he finds something so humorous that he can't talk because he's laughing so hard.

I love when he is quietly involved in intense play- and when he emerges, he shows up like the Band-aid Bandito.

I love that he talks with an accent of sorts, (kind of a mix between England, New York, and Canada?) and I don't know where he acquired it.

I think it's funny that he has to wear his Spongebob underwear backwards, so he can see Spongebob.

I love it when he doesn't let the expressive language disorder get in the way, and tries to explain something (you can see the wheels turning in his head as he stops to think what it is he wants to say).

I sometimes *cringe* love some of the echolalia. Every once in awhile he'll come up with something really funny- (example) The Price is Right: We were playing Jaysen's version of The Price is Right in the bathroom after his bath. Jaysen called me to "come on down". I stepped up to the counter, and out came a perfectly scripted execution of Bob Barker explaining to a contestant what they will be bidding on. I placed my bid, and Jaysen made the buzzer noise, indicating I was incorrect. He moved on to the "next" contestant, and in mid sentence, stopped himself, turned back to me, and said "you can go back to your seat, Mommy". I was rolling, considering we were in the bathroom and there was no "seat" from whence I came.

I love when he does things like The Frog Prince of Bel-Air, and each character has their own voice and mannerisms.

I think it's cute that he has to have his pillow facing a certain way before he can fall asleep.

I love that he's so kind to his brother(although he always wants Companion to feed Rylan so I can give him my full attention).

I feel proud when he corrects people's manners (even though that too, is a result of scripting).

I love that because of his amazing memory, he usually knows where the remote is.

I think it's cute that he has his videos organized by collections in his bedroom, but the rest of his room looks like a bad weave.

I love his attention to detail.

I love that he loves to laugh, and loves to make others laugh.

My son rocks. Quirks and all, he is awesome.

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