Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Grandpa's Hat

My Mom watches the boys while I'm at work, and my Dad comes over to take Jaysen to school. He used to have a ritual of walking around and around the flagpole, and reading the little plaque attached to the base of the flagpole.

He has recently created a new routine involving taking Grandpa's hat off and throwing it. Upon the first time doing it, apparently my Dad reacted in a silly manner, and *poof* a new routine was born.

In school, Jaysen's teacher had been working on poetry. She had the kids write poems of what they wanted, and in their own words. This was Jaysen's creation:

Grampe has a hat
I fro it on the grand.

(Grandpa has a hat, I throw it on the ground.)

Applause, my son. Well done.

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