Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh The Thinks You Can Think.

Okay- I made it back from Florida. Everyone is alive and well, and almost in the same shape as when I left. Rylan looks a little bigger and is sitting up unassisted now!

Jaysen and Companion came to the airport to pick me up. I have to admit I was a little worried. Jaysen was either going to excitedly burst out of the car to hug me, or he was going to kick my ass for leaving. I don't know who was more excited to see whom. Jaysen stayed in the car with a huge smile plastered on his face- kind of frozen there, like he wanted to be sure I was going to get in the car and go home with them. Once I did, he said "Hi mommy, I love you home-" and sheepishly nuzzled my arm. I was so happy to be back home. Companion had decorated the house with welcome home banners, streamers, and balloons. It was really cool.

Companion said that Jaysen was "an angel" the whole time I was gone. Rylan is teething, so he was a whole 'nuther story. Whenever Companion and Jaysen were playing, and Rylan started crying, Jaysen was super-good about stoping what they were doing, and letting Companion tend to the baby.

Jaysen also went to the Metropark. He got to ride on a boat, and the Captain of the boat let him steer, ring the bell, and honk the horn. Jaysen was Mr. Bigstuff.

The souvenirs were a big hit- especially the "Thing" T-shirts. I really thought the Sorcerer Mickey (from Fantasia) would be the big winner, since Jaysen's video of choice has been Fantasia lately, but being an avid Dr. Seuss fan, I saw these Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts, and had to have them. Actually, I got 4 of them. Companion was Thing 2, I was Thing 2, Jaysen was Thing 3, and Rylan was Thing 4. When I presented the shirts to Jaysen, he immediately put his on. then he proceeded to make us all put on our shirts. Once we donned the shirts, Jaysen had the idea of referring to everyone by their "Thing" numbers. this took a minute to catch on to. Here's how it went in a nutshell:

"Do you want to play Sorry, Thing 2"?

"I'd love to Jaysen, let me grab a coffee first".

"Say 'yes, Thing 3'."

"Huh? Oh- yes, Thing 3, I'd love to play Sorry".

"Okay Thing 2".

"Does Thing 1 going to play"?

"I think Companion is in the garage. You can ask him if he wants to play".

"Not Companion! Thing 1"!

"Oh- sorry. Thing 1 is in the garage".

"Thing 4 is still sleeping"?

"Yes Sweetie, Thing 4 is still sleeping".

"No! Thing 3"!

"Right. Yes Thing 3, Thing 4 is still sleeping".

Good gracious. By the time I had it down who was which Thing, and what I was supposed to say...I was ready for bed. After our game of Sorry and a bath, Jaysen wanted to wear his Thing shirt to bed. He forgot about it eventually, but it was the first thing he put on this morning when he woke up.

I can almost bet that I'll be changing into mine when I get home from work...

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