Thursday, June 7, 2007


I'm nervous.

In a few days, I leave for Florida. My work is sending me to a training session, and at the end of training, I have to take a certification exam. Am I nervous about the exam? You bet. But what am I most nervous about? I'll be away from the boys for almost a week.

I am pretty sure Companion can handle both boys- it will be difficult, but he has his mom coming down to help for a day, and my parents are just around the corner if he needs them.

Jaysen and I have not been apart for more than one night at a time. He'll most definitely be anxious- if I go out for the night, I'll find him asleep on the chair in the living room when I get home because he was trying to wait up for me.

I am going to miss them like crazy. I know I'll be worried sick. Did Companion remember to give Jaysen his med? Was it the right dose? Will Jaysen give him a super-horrific time because I'm not there? Is he going to know when Jaysen's had enough? Is Jaysen going to know when Companion's had enough?

I can't think about things like that now- I have to concentrate and put my energy toward this exam. It's a 5 hour exam. Ugh. I thought I was done with this stuff. Apparently not. Well, this is all for the betterment of my family, so I'm going to give it my best shot. Even if I feel like I'm drowning.


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