Friday, April 15, 2011


I know.... I have been neglecting my blog lately. 
People want me to blog, but then are offended, pissed off, or hurt when I do.
Why haven't you posted?  Your blog needs updating.  You really need to post something...
This is mainly a blog about Autism. 
Things on the Autism front are okay. 
It's occasionally a blog about Charlie Sheen and unicorns. 
I'm good on that front too. 
It's also a blog about people. 
Oh shit....people?  Like me?'s all good until I start writing about YOU.
Then all kinds of feelings get all wankered and I'm a flying jackass with a tutu.
People get all tweaked out.
So in an effort to keep everyone happy, I just haven't been posting.
Which is wrong, yo.
I do my best to maintain anon-status for anyone whom may show up in these posts, but it doesn't seem to be enough to make them happy. 
The problem is, peeps.... this is my blog.

You see, my life is all feckered up once again.
Exploding into oblivion, with shrapnel flying everywhere.
Duck and cover, baby.

And I can't write about it, and it's affects.
Do you other bloggers ever have that problem? 


Joeymom said...

Yeah. Then I start just sending emails to my select audience who gives a damn.

You have my email, right?

Intense Auburn said...

Why do you think I haven't been posting? Some things are either too private or will just piss my audience off. It's a no-win situation either way.

Niksmom said...

Heh. What ^^THEY^^ said! All the time. It's why I haven't written a lot lately. Too much, too intense, too private (for Nik), too legally sensitive...the list goes on. Here if you want ears...

Ashley's Mom said...

Yep, there are often time when I don't write something because I am not in the mood for the 'advice' I know I will get.

I'm here too if you need anything...

Dani G said...

My life is completely fecked right now. Completely.

Also, Charlie Sheen and Unicorns?? Awesome!!