Thursday, April 21, 2011

And history repeats itself.

I'm starting to think The Universe is against me.  Seriously.
What's that line...the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away?

If you've followed this blog for awhile-
a) you are undoubtedly super amazingly COOL and b) you will remember that we did not get Jaysen into a fantabulous school without a fight. 
A fight that cost him years of education, set him back socially, and shattered my trust and faith in humanity.
A fight I am afraid I am going to have to embark on yet again.
I don't know if I have the strength to do this.

I received a call from V, the supervisor of Special Education.
She informed me via phone message, that it's okay Jaysen follow through with the good school for upper elementary for 5th and 6th grade, but for middle and high school, she says he has to get back on track with our "home" schools. 

Hmm. Let's think about that for a minute.

My son was put through so much hell at one school, that you yourself- the supervisor of Special Education- said it was despicable, and he should not be subjected to that treatment.  You were there when my son was isolated from his peers and an appropriate education for over 4 months.  You were there when the teacher got the parents to rally- calling him a "monster", said he should be in a separate class, not allowed around other kids, and when were their kids going to get "special attention" like him?  You were there when the principal blatently lied about her actions, and violated multiple ethical and legal avenues.  You even had to reign her in.

You were also the one who toured the other schools with us.  You were the one who said the school we toured (Jaysen's current school), would be a much more accepting and encouraging environment.  You gushed on and on how this would be a productive and successful environment for him.  That he would flourish.  And he is.

So it's kind of beyond me, why he is being transferred back to the school system that was horrible to him.
And the kicker? 
The shit-eating principal from the crappy school?  Is at the middle school you want him in.
There is something really feckered up about that.


Ashley's Mom said...

WHAT THE HELL??? Get your attorney's phone number on speed dial right away...

r.b. said...

Money? What else could it be?

Stimey said...

Oh, God. That's horrible. I don't understand how they can justify doing this to our kids. I'm so sorry.

Apples and Autobots said...

God, I'm so sorry.

Mari said...

This principal and these incompetent teachers are what needs to be purged from the school system...They are the protected ones, not the children. They're so arrogant about it too...This totally sucks because they're the ones creating the hellish environment. Jaysen is reacting to a world and a school system that is totally hostile toward him. From principal to teacher to other "parents"(who above all should understand and be there beside you and supporting Jaysen's rights as fiercely as for their own, because it's supposed to be a partnership between all parents with all teachers united for what is best for the children. Period . Not for everyone except....I'm sorry the fight is sooo hard. You're at war in school, and again at home...I'm here anytime, sending love and power and strength. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that. I'm sure things will work out for ya's. Good things happen to good peeps. And you are GOLDEN. S.J.M.

Joeymom said...

Have all that and the documentation in a binder, ready to go. Chart out the difference between the school in a nice, dramatic, easy-to-read graph. DEmand an explanation- in writing- about why they wish to disturb your child's appropriate placement and appropriate education (and when you write the letter, state it in just that way- that they want to disrupt your child's progress and education in an appropriate environment to place in him in one that has proven, due to the personnel, to be inappropriate). If they come back at you with complaints about your wording, stick to the guns of "this isn't an appropriate explanation of why you wish to disrupt my child's education". And yeah, you're going to need a lawyer. I might even have teh lawyer write the letter asking for an explanation.