Thursday, April 14, 2011

Because I *do* appreciate the apocalypse

So Twitter.  I do not "get" it. 
However, there is a random tweet-generator that will magically predict your possible next tweets.
You knows I love me some random generators lately...
Here are some That can be my next tweet predicted for me:

AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!! Just sayin'. That dose counted.

Damn I am going to marry me... Srsly? You guys are going to marry me.

I appreciate the blowjob... Bwahahaha!!! On another hand, think I do?

New blog post: Yes, I Finally Understand BATMAN! And assuming isn't possessed linda blair style...

Oh, you're about to friggin cave when Charlie Sheen dies on the boy pukefest '11? : Nice!

Yes! Now I appreciate the apocalypse. Seriously, like food?

Omg... I suppose it could depend on this hot hotwheels crotch.

Rawk. I just saw rylan's butthole. This day can suck a seal.

On one hand, i'm an asshole. I would prefer to see the pygmy goats over!

Actually, maybe it does know me pretty well.