Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things my son says, part 3.14

The scenario: McDonald's playplace. Jaysen and I are ready to go. Rylan doesn't want to leave.

"Okay Jaysen, we need a plan".
"Here's the plan. When Rylan comes down the slide, you grab him and I'll whip his coat on".
"Yeah! And if Plan A fails, we're gonna bust out with Plan B!"

Did my son just say "We're gonna bust out with Plan B?"


Piscesgirl said...

hahahahaa, I love how he's beginning to get "street" on you in a Mcdonald's play area!

Karen said...

I LOVE the "Jaysen-ish" posts the most. He is so fun! I finally got through your entire blog. What a couple of years you've had!!! I admire your sense of humor through it all.

Corrie Howe said...

Did you laugh on the spot?

mommy~dearest said...

Heck yeah I laughed! I almost pissed myself!

Hey Karen- you read my entire blog? Seriously?!? Wow. I admire your stamina! Wait- does that make you my stalker? I think it totally does. I've always kinda wanted a blog-stalker. Puhleeeeeeez, will you be my stalker?!?

ali said...

ROFLMAO LOLOLOLOL omg FUNNY! ali(CD sender after the fire)