Saturday, January 23, 2010

How all IEP's should go...

Ahh... Jaysen's IEP.
Have I mentioned how much I lurve this school?

Even my dad was amazed.
He's been my "note taker" at Jaysen's IEP's since the beginning. When we left, he was shocked that he only had a half page of notes. He had turned back in his notebook, and counted 16 pages from an IEP at the crapalicious school.

We did the MET and the IEP, and were out in 2 hours. I've had IEP meetings last 6 months.

I honestly feel for parents out there, fighting these battles for their children's education. I was there. I fought a losing battle in vain. But this school's Team, is a team. And I am absolutely a part of it. Every person on that team has Jaysen's best interest at heart, and I can't even describe that feeling.

The psychologist presented charts that show Jaysen's progress. He's spending more time in Gen.Ed, only coming out for his scheduled Resource Room time and therapy time. His physical aggression has decreased greatly- so much so that now the next step is to work on the verbal outbursts (screaming, crying, disruption, etc).

Even though he's making such progress this year, his services stay. Every one of them.
That is awesome.
It takes a good system to realise that you don't pull supports at the first signs of improvement.

And it's not like Jaysen turned into this WonderKid. There are definitely weaknesses and issues, but they were presented in a concerned manner, not a blaming or threatening one. We discussed them, and everyone presented their thoughts about them. Then we agreed on a plan to best address them.

I was going to ask for more OT, to address Jaysen's self-regulation issues (or lack thereof), but his goals were tweaked to include that from the superfantastical social worker. I don't really care who provides the support, as long as it's provided from a competent individual. So I was happy with that. Compromise really does happen!
And the best, best part? All of the updated goals were implemented that very same day.
I know!

I did get one nugget of bad news though. They're closing some schools in our district, and while Jaysen's school isn't scheduled to close, it will bring in tons of other kids to his school. His Sp.Ed teacher is allowed 18 kids on her caseload. She has 12 now. She feels strongly about keeping Jaysen on her caseload (love this teacher!), but she broke it to me that this may mean he will not be able to go to the middle school following this elementary. We would have to go back to our "home" school, which I will fight with Xena armor.

Home is still a little different of a story-
I'm still trying to figure out when my son became such a moody whiner?
Seriously, this kid is crabbin' ALL the time.
I swear he has PMS.


Niksmom said...

"It takes a good system to realise that you don't pull supports at the first signs of improvement." Halle-freakin-lujah! At least one school is getting it right! :-D

Glad the IEP went so well.

Shondira said...

So glad to hear that about the IEP. I was also happy to hear that my kids elementary is not on the chopping block either. But the classes will be fuller :(

When will people wise up and realize that a good education cannot be done with a classroom of 30+ students and 1 teacher? But that is another argument altogether.

Marla said...

Awesome! So glad to hear it. We begin Junior High next year and I am quite nervous for that!

Karen said...

Wow! What a difference a true Team can make, huh? No ego issues, just the best for the kid. Do they not have services in the middle school? Maybe when the dust settles from all the budget issues in Lansing, things will be clearer.
BTW--I figured out why I LOVE this blog--besides your humor! :) You TOTALLY "get" your kid and have absolutely not one iota of embarrassment of him. You take him for HIM. About half of the parents I work with cannot do that, but then seem offended when I "get" their kid. What I try to do, is teach them how to "get" their kid and enjoy him/her.

Karen said...

p.s. could be cabin fever with the weather or he's getting close to puberty. Our bipolar child really began his personality change in 5th grade.

mommy~dearest said...

Close to puberty? Puberty?!?!? Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! I'm not ready for that!!!!!!

Corrie Howe said...

I'm so glad that everything went so well. I love that you dad comes to the IEP meetings with you. No one should ever go to the meetings alone.

Puberty? Mine is only a year behind yours. I don't want to think about it either.

Joeymom said...

If the "home" school is not an appropriate placement, then- it's not an appropriate placement. Keep us posted if we need to get out the war paint for you.