Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vacation like the Go-Go's.

Day two of our fabulous vacation!

You didn't know we were going on vacation?
Oh. Guess I was so busy with everything else, I kinda forgot to mention it.

It's our annual vacatio to be-yoo-tee-ful Charlevoix!

Day one was a complete mess.
Sucked like a highschool virgin.
I figured as much because it was a really long car ride, and the transition of the first day of anything is usually hell on Jaysen.
We really went at it though.

Within the first couple of hours, Rylan managed to get hit in the head with a doorknob, fall in the parking lot, and wedge his finger between the screen and doorwall to the balcony. All of this screaming put Jaysen over the edge in sensory land, and it was meltdown city. Not to mention he had been a complete butthole all day. I can call him that- I'm his mom.

Day two.
Much better.
We went to the beach, and although the weather was gorgeous, the water was so effing cold, I would have rather eaten a guacamole covered turd.
Okay, maybe not, but I still opted to sit on the shoreline and get splashed with frigid water every time a boat went by. That way the water is just torturous since you never really get the chance to get used to it. Apparently, I'm a big fan of self-torture.

Jaysen had no issues. Jumped right in.
Rylan stayed on the shore with me. Smart kid.

Then we tortured the kids and went for lunch at this awesome grotto. I love this place, but there is only one thing Jaysen will eat- but really, you only need one thing, right? So, gourmet pizza it was. Un-gourmet'ed of course.

Swim time again- this time in the hotel pool.

Jaysen still with the attitude.
Because now he's only happy if he's getting his way.
"His way", is eating 4 bags of potato chips in one sitting, and then asking for M&M's.
"No" to the M&M's just sent him over the edge.
Now he's being evil to everyone.

I feel bad because I totally went off on him yesterday. Momzilla style.
Totally fighting the urge to do it again right effing now.
I cannot deal with the attitude...

Now if you'll excuse me, I feel the need to make my child's life hell.
I'm deciding between taking away a privilege, or making him brush his teeth for no reason.

Decisions... decisions...


Casdok said...

Hope it continues to get better!! Sounds like you will need a holiday when you get back!

I wonder if i will ever feel brave enought to take C away? After reading this - proberly not!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I love the "making him brush his teeth for no reason" idea! My kids always react with horror when they have to brush their teeth again because they decided to eat something after they'd already brushed their teeth before bed.

Hope the rest of the trip gets better!

Corrie Howe said...

Love it! Wow, I know vacations are horrible for kids who don't like transitions. It makes us wonder why we tried. But as my son gets older, he's getting used to going away. He's also beginning to enjoy himself, which helps the rest of us.

Maybe because we have a timeshare and we go to the same places (or at least to other timeshares which similar feels) he's getting used to going away?

I love the brushing teeth punishment. My psychologist suggested sweeping the stairs as a consequence for wetting "accidents." Amazing how he'd cut down on changing his clothes.