Sunday, August 16, 2009

The up side of Up North.

Although The Attitude is still possessing my son, I have to say, this vacation is not a total loss.

The highlight so far is we totally ran into Richard Golden.
What do you mean you don't know who Richard Golden is?!?
You totally know Richard Golden.
The "Sexy Specs" guy?

Heck yeah!

No, he didn't do the dance.

Not this dance either.
But it doesn't really matter, because he didn't do either one.

Another piece of awesomeness...

I was chillin on the bed thinking wow, Jaysen's been in the bathroom a really long time... when he emerged, wet, and asked me where the bucket was.

"Jaysen? Why are you wet?"

"I'm taking a baf"."

Since I didn't start a bath for him, I was slightly perplexed. "Um... where are you taking a bath?"

"Inna baftub. Where's the bucket to rinse my hair?"

I follow him into the bathroom, to find he was indeed in the process of taking a bath!

Technically, the hotel only has a stand up shower, but it's very deep. Perfect to bathe kids in, but there is no stopper. You have to take the ice bucket liner and line the drain with it to fill up the "tub". He did just that. Aside from the water being on the cold side, it was a perfectly drawn bath.

I was shocked and amazed.
And when he was done? he pulled the "stopper" out and put it back where I keep it!

This kid is thirteen kinds of awesome.


Casdok said...

Very awesome!

Corrie Howe said...

I love it when our children do something totally unexpected (take a bath on their own) and totally amazing (problem solving). It's what makes all the difficult times that much easier to over look.