Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love is in the air?

"The hearts... the love... the kisses!"
"Kiss me, Bella!"

Excerpts from the book Twilight?
Straight from the mouth of my 7 year old, about a girl in his class.
Over, and over, and over.

I am so screwed.


Piscesgirl said...
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Piscesgirl said...

:: wah, wah, wahhh:: Good luck with that! they seem to start earlier and earlier these days!

LAA and Family said...

My 7 year old son is crazy about girls too!

gizmo19961 said...


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

What a little Romeo!

Casdok said...

Good luck!

Maddy said...

Now that is a damned fine photo on Casdok! What a thoroughly delicious child.

As for the quotes.....help! We travel the same road.

Anonymous said...

p.s. sorry to read about the 'removed' quote. If you need an ear I'm always here.

KC's Blog said...

You have beautiful kiddos! You have a little Romeo on your hands!
So cute!

Shea's Mom said...

That is so sweet my teeth are hurting.



mommy~dearest said...

Thank you all! :)

Anon- "removed quote"?